Thursday, November 3, 2011

My feral have names

I figured it was about time I gave these little kittens a name, stead of black one and gray one.  After thinking it over, there was only one name to give them.  We now have Mickey and Minnie.   Last night Minnie was out for her bonding time, when something scared her and off she went.  I was watching Ghost Hunters at the time. :)  I found her in the bedroom hiding under the dresser.  Today they both were out for bonding time and Mickey is all boy.  He is just arms and legs, claws out and fighting.  Remember he is still new to this.  After I wrapped him up in the towel, he had no choice but to settle down.  He did meow this morning which is a good sign.  Minnie still hisses.  I don't think she knows how to meow.  We are thinking her hissing is her meowing.  Minnie loves bonding time.  She just lays all sprawled out purring.  She is doing well adjusting to the situtation.  Today Wicket my older female cat was sitting on top of the cage and when husband when to get her down she got made at him.  I am starting to think she wants to adopt them.   Later on tonight they will come out once again for bonding.  Remember I only have a month to get them ready to be adopted. They are still both eating like pigs. 

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