Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My feral kittens...................update

My feral kittens are progressing nicely.  The little black one (the girl) is very protective of her little brother.  I have had her out and we are learning how to play.  She sits on my lap and stretches and likes her belly rubbed.  I have attached a mouse cat toy on a string and have it dangling from the top of the cage.  They are getting the hang of batting it around and trying to grab it.  It is like they are playing tetherball.  I had the little boy out today for a little bonding time, but he is still a little scared and tries grabbing me with his claws out.  Remember this only his second time out of the cage.  I will take the little black one out later on.  She is doing better each day.  They are still too new to being in the house, so I cannot let them have any freedom yet.  They are both eating like pigs. 

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