Monday, December 26, 2011

The Funny For The Day..............Libby The Dog

This morning Helmsly (the dog) and I went for our walk. The fresh air always makes one feel better. The people from Minnesota that live on the corner came in at 6am this morning. They left Christmas Day morning and drove all night. They said the roads were empty so they had clear sailing. I am not doing the drive straight through thing anymore. We did it too many years and I am not doing it anymore. They have a new puppy about 8 months old. She is a Irish Setter named Libby. When Libby saw Helmsly she ran right up to him and wanted to play. Since she is a puppy she is quite rambunkshus so Helmsley was alittle put off.  We started to walk away and she ran up to Helmsly and laid right down in the road on her back with her feet in the air. It their way of saying I am friendly. I was laughing so hard. Ok we go to leave again and start walking down the road. Once again here comes Libby and she lays down feet up in the air. This went on 4 times. Each time I was laughing harder. The women could not get her dog. Finally I said I guess I will just stand here or else Libby would have followed us all the way home. The husband comes out of the house and is like what is wrong and the women explained what Libby was doing. He said just pick her up and of course Libby was being statue dog and would not move. Finally the women said you come get Libby I can't get her to go with me. She even walks to the house, we are down the road and Libby is still laying in the road with her feet up in the air. Husband now comes and gets Libby and I am laughing all the way home. Helmsley has now found a new playmate. It really made my morning.  

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