Friday, December 23, 2011

The Funny For The Day................The blue haired gang is at it again

The blue haired gang is at it again.  Today I went to the drug store to pickup some last little trinkets for Christmas.  There was only one checkout with a very long line and the other clerk at the other register was busy with this old guy (very thick glasses, hearing aid and a cane the whole nine yards).  He was buying Miller beer and supposedly paid for it with a $100.00 bill.  The clerk gave him change for a $10.00 dollar bill.  Now old guy is really making a fuss claiming she cheated him as he gave her a $100.00.  Now the store manager has to come and count out her draw to see who is telling the truth.  Now the clerk had just checked in so she knew how many hundred dollar bills she had in the register, she had 3 and no more.   The manager counted out the drawer and found that the drawer was already short so the old guy could have not have given her a $100.00 bill.  They argued back and forth and finally the store manager said to the old guy....what if I just give you $10.00 would that make you happy and in turn he said yes.  So he now took the free $10.00 and his now free beer and went on his way.  Is that all it takes to get free money and free beer.  

Post Script......The store manager wanted the clerk than to sign off on giving the old guy the free money and beer so it would look like it was her fault.  She was like no way, am I taking responsibility for that.   Sometimes being in a long line is not bad.  It can be very entertaining. 

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