Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Funy For The Day....................Helmsley The Dog and Santa

Across the street and a couple of houses down is a house all doodled up for Christmas. It looks real pretty. One of the decorations they have is a blowup Santa sitting in a chair and it waves. At night when we walk and the house is all lite up santa just sits and waves and waves. So when we walk past, Helmsley the dog stops and stares at Santa and then he begins to bark and bark and bark. He stands his ground like statue dog and it is hard to pull him away. The next house has a wood painted Santa and Helmsley just looks at it and then turns around and looks at the blowup one. He is very confused at the two. He has done this for the last 3 Christmas's, this time I took a picture for you to see of Santa.  

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