Saturday, December 29, 2012

The funny for the day.....the lizard

This afternoon husband and I were in the Florida room when I saw a lizard.  It was between the outer screen and the inside window.  Husband said there was no lizard.  I said yes and made him take off the inside window.  The lizard disappeared so I went to take the laundry out of the washing machine.  While I was taking the laundry out I felt little prickles on my bare leg.  (I was wearing capris) and when I looked down there was the lizard just clinging to my leg.  The lizard was about 7 inches long.  It was like now what.  I knew I had to get him outside so I just walked very slow and when I got outside he jumped off and ran away.   

Friday, December 28, 2012

The funny for the day.....weird signs

Weird signs for the day....while out running errands today I saw 2 weird signs on vehicles that were driving down the road.  The first one was on a old and I do mean old pickup truck.  On the back gate there was a cardboard sign that read...cabbage for sale, honk and I will stop.   The other one was on a bright purple car.  On the back window there were 4 silhouettes of a naked women.  Written across the window was..."you just passed a girl and what".   Now that is all it said, so what does and what mean?   Does it mean something like what the truck said and honk and I will stop.  Does it mean instead of cabbage you get and what? 

Monday, December 24, 2012

White Christmas so many years ago

Tonight is Christmas Eve and I decided to write a Christmas story.  After alot of thought as to what to write here is my story.  During WWII my Aunt Mildred was in the Navy and stationed in the Pacific.   She was not going to be home for Christmas and had not been home for sometime.  After mom passed I was going through a box and I came across the sheet music for Irving Berlin's White Christmas.  My aunt had sent it to my mom for Christmas.   On the cover of the sheet music my aunt wrote...I will be dreaming of a White Christmas and I wish I was there with you now.  So to all of my family and friends both near and far,  I wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you have a White Christmas.   Also to our servicemen and women not at home with us now, let us give thanks and hope to see you soon. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The funny for the day....the wild blue haired lady

The wild blue haired lady.....  It didn't take long to have a new blue haired lady story.  This story is about my new next door neighbor.  I haven't met her yet but people across the street told me all about her.   First of all she had a live-in boyfriend with a motorcycle. (gasp)...I guess he had enough of her so he packed all of his stuff and left last monday.  (First it was thrown on the front lawn, then packed)  Now she is not short on gentleman callers.  Apparently there is alot of gentleman callers.   This woman is also a drunk.   A couple of weeks ago when she was drunk,  as she backed out of the driveway she ran over the neighbors mailbox and flattened it.  She also took the corner too fast and flattened the stop sign.  The stop sign is still on the ground.  So in less than a block she smashed the front and the back end of her car.    We also have retention ponds here (no water in them, they are used to catch the rain wash off).  She has put her car in the retention pond 4 times and had to be towed out.  Also in the last month she has called for the rescue squad 4 times.  As I was told every time she does something stupid she calls the rescue squad.  Apparently  I have missed alot in the last month.  The woman does not have a car now for obvious reasons.    Since we do have a strick home owners association and she is only a renter,  I suspect she will be gone soon. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

catlady531 on etsy is having a cyber monday sale

catlady531 on etsy is having a cyber monday sale.  Use coupon code save20 to get 20% off your purchase.  

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The funny for the day....where's the cat

Yesterday the last load of laundry I put away was the towels in the linen closet and that was about 3pm.  The cat has her special spot that she likes to sit in the linen closet so I left the door open a crack so when she wanted to come out she could.  About an hour later the door was open and she was out of the closet so I shut the door.   Now about 5am this morning husband was doing the hoggie doggie thing of the whole bed and holding my pillow hostage.  No matter how much I tried to get him to move it was no use.  He was dead to the world.  I finally decided to get out of bed, seize my pillow from him and go sleep on the couch.  I needed to get a blanket from the linen closet, imagine my suprise when I opened the closet and the other cat jumped out.  What!!! poor little Malley had been in the closet since 3pm on Saturday.  This cat does not meow.   She just figures someone will find her so she will just  wait.  No she did not mess in the closet.  What scares me is, how long would have it taken me to realize she was missing. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The funny for the day...where did the candy come from

Todays funny is from my daughter.   Per daughter.....I went into the backyard to pick up dog poop. And I find candy all over my backyard.  No its not just wrappers. Its all full candy still in the wrapper. Weird   Its wasn't even by the fence it was closer to my garage. Like on the side of it and close to the back door. As if a squirrel stole a kids bag of candy and decided it didn't want it.

Friday, November 16, 2012

The funny for the day....what is that woman doing?

Today on my way home from the grocery store there was a car stopped in the middle of the street. don't stop in the middle of the street.  What does this woman have car trouble?  Is she talking on her cellphone?  WHAT!!!  Now the city bus is coming from the opposite way and he slows down and just stares at this women and then when he passes me, he just gives me this weird,  I don't believe this look.    Now after the bus passes,  I can finally pass this woman parked in the middle of the street and get a good look as to what she is doing.  Do you know what she was doing?  She was popping a pimple on her chin.  This is how I figure the situtation.  She is driving along and looks in the mirror and spots this huge growing pimple and screams in horror so she panics and has to stop the car so she can pop it.  

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The funny for the long has that been there

Today you are in luck,  I have another funny for the day.   This afternoon I decided to make Molasses Cookies and when I went to make them I realized that I forgot to take out the butter to soften.  I decided to soften the butter in the microwave.  When I went to put the butter in the microwave I just stood there and stared at the buttons.  How long has this been here,  I have never seen this before.  There was a button for melt and another for soften.  So I pushed the soften button and the screen reads soften butter 1 stick or 2.  How do you like that, there is a button to soften butter.  Now you are probably asking how did I not know it was there.  The answer is I do not use the microwave to cook.  I only use the microwave to warm up my coffee.  We have had this microwave 3 years, you learn something new everyday. 

The funny for the day............whats on the sidewalk

Today while Helmsley the dog and I were out for our morning walk it was very cold outside.  While we were walking I came across something strange on the sidewalk.  I looked at it and you do know what it was?  It was a frozen bowl of cooked oatmeal with the spoon in the bowl.  What makes this so strange is last week in just about the same spot was a bowl of fozen fruit loops with milk again with the spoon in the bowl.   I figure some kid is eating his or her breakfast before the bus comes and they don't finish it so they just sit the bowl down on the sidewalk.   I would think somewhere along the line some parent is going to realize they are running out of bowls and spoons. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Todays Funny...Helmsley and the city bus

Our walk tonight was fun for Helmsley the dog. We got to the corner and the city bus stopped by us. The driver opened the door to talk to us, ok he just wanted to talk to the dog. Helmsley of course was very excited because the bus driver was talking to him. He told Helmsley come on in, get on the bus. So of course Helmsley jumped in the bus. He was so happy he never saw such a big thing t...
o ride in before. After his tour of the bus, he had to get off it was time the bus moved on. Besides there was now traffic behind the bus. Traffic was being held up due to a dog taking a tour of the bus. I must tell you there were no passengers on the bus besides Helmsley. All in all Helmsley had a good walk.
I know I have been slacking on posting of the Todays Funny so I will be adding some in that I forgot to publish.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Todays Funny...Weirdness at Walmart

Weirdness at Walmart part 2.....last night someone stole Jessica's pumpkin off her front porch so being a good
mother after I finished my shopping I decided to go get her a new pumpkin. I looked at the ones in the store
but I did not like any of them. I had a full cart of unpaid groceries and without thinking out the front
door I went to checkout the boxes of pumpkins outside. After a few minu...

tes I realized what I had done and I
figured any minute now someone will be chasing me down. I am picking through the pumpkins and people saw me
with my cart full of groceries and no one said a thing. Nothing at all. I got my pumpkin and back into the
store I went to pay for everything. Now what I cannot figure out is why I can buy a roll of tape have it in
the bag and security has to stop me to check my bag and receipt and yet I just walked out the front door with
a full cart of unpaid groceries and no one cared. Go figure.

Weirdness at Walmart part when I went grocery shopping the first thing I do when I walk into the store
is wipe down the cart so I do not get the creeping crud. I was cleaning off the cart when this women comes up to
me and says, since you are cleaning off the cart I will take it. Ok weird but I keep cleaning it. Now she tries
to take my cart and once again says I will take the cart. I look at her and she says oh you don't work here this
is your cart. I will get my own. 

The Peach Poppy new item Ganz tea set

Julie is a new seller to Etsy.   Her store name is The Peach Poppy and this is just one of the cute vintage items she is selling.  Here is one of her items.   She is a very nice lady so please stop by her shop.                                                    Item Description

Ganz whimsical, colorful roses tea set. Comes with one square platter which holds, 4 mini saucers, two teacups, a creamer, sugar bowl, and teapot (with lid that can be used for teapot or sugar bowl). In very good vintage condition. One tiny paint chip on teapot (See photo 5). This tea set is adorable and would be a great gift for a little girl, or to put on display.

Measurements: from bottom to top of the teapot is about 4" tall and diameter of the square platter is 5"

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Etsy new seller The Peach Poppy

There is a new seller on Etsy and the shop name is The Peach Poppy.  It is owned by Julie and she is a real nice lady with alot of cute vintage collectibles.  So please check her out and show her a warm greeting to Etsy.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

What they have done to the mda telethon is horrible

Now I am going to get on my soap box so nobody push me off. I have watched Jerry Lewis and the MDA telethon every year. In the early years I did go door to door with a can and collect money. Later on I even worked the phones at channel 6 for the telethon. That was fun. But what they have done over the last 2 years is horrible. It is beyond words. This man has worked his whole life for MDA and for them to treat him and MDA this way is despicable. Going from 24 hours to last years 6 hours and now tonight a 3 hour taped message. Somethings are just wrong.

One of the early Quacker Factory applique shirts

When I was cleaning out my closet yesterday I found one of the early Quacker Factory applique and rhinestone button down shirts still unworn.  I am not really sure where I put the button covers.  This shirt looks like it could be a Mary Engelbreit fabric.  I loved those applique shirts and I have others.  I think I will post pictures of them for all of my Quacker Friends to remember.  Quack Quack

These are my 4 legged children

 This is my 4 legged children. 
This is Helmsley with his favorite stick.

This is Fluffy in his favorite spot catching the morning sun.  (Rip 2006)

This is Wicket watching a butterfly.

This is Mally and she is very shy.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I got ran over by a squirrel

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Be careful of the meat you buy from Walmart

This is I went grocery shopping at Walmart, why because I do save money.  I don't buy my meat at Walmart because it tastes horrible.  I do buy packaged items that come directly from the manufacture.  I am in need of Johnsonville Hot Italian sausages they are ok to buy, at least I thought so.  I am looking at several packages and I pick the one up and inside of the package is full of blood.  NASTY..there are packages of them all full of blood.  It is now dripping all over my hands and on to my grocery list.  I want to scream.  One of the butchers is there and I explain the situtation...he just gives me a blank stare and says ok.  I am trying to explain to him there is no blood in the italian sausage.  These packages are contaminated, again blank stare.  I finally get a paper towel to clean the mess off of me and leave.  My hands still are sticky and smell funny.  By the time I get home I am fuming over the lack of concern from this butcher.  I called walmart and spoke with the manager of the meat department and told him about his contaminated probably salmonella infested italian sausages.  He said he would pull them off the shelf.  He also said,  I hope you did not eat them.  EAT THEM,  I wouldn't even buy them.  Moral of the story,  be careful what you buy from Walmart.

I did call Johnsville and they are going to call Walmart and they are going to send out a rep to look at them. 
I also called corporate for Walmart.

I will update when I hear something from somebody.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

catlady531 on Etsy sale 8/15/12

Today there is a Wednesday hump day sale.  Use coupon code save20 to get 20% off your purchase.  Something new and exciting is always being added to catlady531 shop.

Dangers of carnival rides

Today while running errands I went past St Ritas...the rides are going up getting ready for the festival this a story.....when Jessica was little the labor center always had rides and games for labor day. We were walking through the parking lot while they were putting up the ferris wheel. The guy putting it up did not have a hammer. He was using a 2 by 4 (a piece of wood) to hammer in the bolts in that held the seats to the frame. A 2 by 4...really. Think about this and the safety of the put them up and take them down rides before you take your children or grandchildren on the fair rides. Never again from that day forward.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mac and Cheese the number 1 comfort food

There are a few things in life that I don't get and mac and cheese is one of them.  You cannot turn on a cooking show without someone raving about mac and cheese.  Yes I like mac and cheese but it is not the number one comfort food for me.  It is cheese and noodles, nothing fancy.  It tastes ok but it just doesn't do a thing for me.  I even went to The Lady and Sons Restaurant in Savannah, Georgia just to experience real southern mac and cheese.  I still do not get it.  I want you to tell me what is so special about mac and cheese that makes you have to have it.  Or what do you like to have in it.  Is it Bacon?  I need to know. 


  • 4 cups cooked elbow macaroni, drained
  • 2 cups grated Cheddar
  • 3 eggs, beaten
  • 1/2 cup sour cream
  • 4 tablespoons butter, cut into pieces
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup milk


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
Once you have the macaroni cooked and drained, place in a large bowl and while still hot and add the cheddar. In a separate bowl, combine the remaining ingredients and add to the macaroni mixture. Pour macaroni mixture into a casserole dish and bake for 30 to 45 minutes. Top with additional cheese if desired. washing machine has stopped

Daughter called all in a panic.  It seems her washing machine stopped in mid wash.  The machine is only a couple of years old and it just stopped.  There was only 1 pair of jeans washing at the time so the washer has just stopped full of water.  Oh what to do....I will go over and see what I can do.  Yes it has stopped why who knows.  Her husband is now reading the instruction book that came with the washer and nothing seems to be helping.  The washer is just stopped.  Ok, now it is time to call in the repairman.  Lucky we have a good repairman that we have used for years.  He has a free couple of minutes so he will come over and look at it.  He is down in the basement not that long and now the washing maching is washing just fine.  What was wrong with it.......It seems there was a boobie pad from a swimsuit that daughter washed a year ago stuck inside somewhere and it made the machine stop.  I guess it went where all of the socks go when you loose a sock in the washing machine.  $60.00 later the machine is fine all caused by a boobie pad. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Last night it almost happened again. I let Helmsley out after 11pm and he was just barking like a foolish dog. He is searching under the fence and going crazy...I thought oh goodie the raccoon or it must be the stray cat. Then I smelled it.. SKUNK...Thank god the skunk was on the other side of the fence. I finally got him in the house without a disaster. But now I will share the skunk story ...
Back when we had lady dog husband and I were sitting in the backyard around 11pm when what do we see walking through the yard but the skunk. Lady dog makes a bee line for it and there they were nose to nose. Husband and I run for the door and the dog is still visitng with the skunk. I go out to the dog and try and get her by the collar. Husband still on the porch calls the dog and when he does the dog turns to look at him and when the dog turned so did the skunk. Now you know what happened, the skunk sprayed me. Oh I stunk, the house stunk it was horrible. I ripped off my pj's and put them in a plastic garbage bag. I took a very long shower with what we had in the house to help the smell. Tomato juice and I think milk. It was bad. More showers and nothing seemed to help. I did have to go to work the next day so I went. Even after doing all that I could my co workers kept saying what smells in here. I finally had to confess it was me and told them the skunk story. I smelled so bad they made me go home. I think it took me several days to unskunk.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A day full of funnies

Today was one of those days that funny things happened.  This morning when I went to leave the house, I looked at the bird feeder and there was a big white and gray cat sitting in the feeder.  By the time I got my camera he was gone. 

Tonight while I was out walking with the dog he is a boy dog he went to water a tree that is elevated due to the roots being so high and when he lifted his leg he fell over.  Poor dog. 

We continued down the street on our walk and we were coming to a house that has bushes lining the one side of the driveway so you cannot see it.  All I could hear was crush, crush what is that.  When we got to the driveway I turned to see the driveway was covered with cans.  Beer cans, soda cans etc.  The car was running over the cans and crushing them.  The car went out the driveway and in the driveway until all of the cans were crushed.  When all of the cans were finally crushed the car backed out of the driveway and drove away.  No he did not pick them up he just droveway.  Why?  who knows. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How many umbrellas or bumbershoots do I need

Today because it was so hot out I decided I better clean the coat closet.   What a job that was.  Besides all of the coats, boots, gloves and scarves I found 11 umbrellas.  I had them laid out on the couch and when I looked at them and counted 11 I wondered why do I need 11 umbrellas or bumbershoots.  There was daughters cute little blue with stars umbrella that she had in grade school and 3 umbrellas from DisneyWorld.  There was also a collection of just plain black ones.  They must of came from vacations that we found we needed umbrellas so we bought some and so the collection grew.  Now there was also the Giant GreenBay Packer umbrella and an even more gigantic red and white stripe golf umbrella still with the tags on it.  That really confuses me as nobody in our house plays golf.  Did I throw them away NO you know why because if I did sure enough I would need a umbrella and then I would have to go out and buy another.  I figure I am set for life with umbrellas or bumbershoots. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nancy to the rescue

My walk with the dog always brings something funny. This morning while we were walking when we had to cross the street there sitting in the middle of the road was this tiny little baby bird. Now baby bird was so tiny it could not fly or even hop. I tried getting him to sit on my sandal so I could carry him across the street on my foot, but no such luck. I tried having Helmsley scoot him along... but all the baby bird did was sit there with those big eyes looking at Helmsley with his mouth open waiting for Helmsley to give him something to eat.  Helmsley just looked at him as if to say,  really kid do I look like a bird.  By now I am getting dive bombed my a female cardinal and a yellow and gray bird. I don't know who was the mother but I think it was the cardinal. We didn't have any luck in getting the baby out of the middle of the road and then I had an idea....I took off my hat and decided to get the baby to climb into my hat and carry it out of the road. I told him, don't you be poopen in my hat. Sure enough it climbed onto the brim and into the hat he went. I think he felt like he was in the nest again. Now mommie bird was sitting in the tree and watching us. I think she figured out what I was trying to do. We walked to the grass by a nice tree and I sat down my hat and out he came. No poop in the hat. All is well. Tonight when we walk I will check to see if I can see where baby bird is and hopefully not in the middle of the road.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Too Wong Foo

The other night I watched one of my favorite movies. It is called..Too Wong Foo Thanks for everything Julie Newmar. In the movie is there is a line....One can never be so rich you can afford to throw away a friend. I think it says it all. So to all, I say thank you for being my friend.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Little dog got me again

WARNING....This story is just alittle gross.  So if you don't like gross pass up this story.  Today daughter came over with little dog.  Now little dog has the unique ability to release her butt gland whenever she wants to.  In way it is a good thing as you never have to take her to the vet to have this done.  After quite a long time of playing with Helmsley she decides it is time to rest.  Rest means sitting in my lap then moving to the top of the chair to take her nap.  Now I am sitting there and I begin to smell that horrible smell.  It was like, oh no not again.  Sure enough I look down and there on my brand new shorts was this stain.  Yes little dog has released her butt gland on me again.  Now this is the third time she has done this to me.  Why me, I don't know but daughter is laughing hysterically.  It seems I am the only one that this happens too.  It really wouldn't be so bad but these were brand new shorts.  I had just taken the tags off of them this morning. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

catlady531 on etsy & bonanza is having a super sale weekend

This weekend catlady531 on etsy and bonanza is having a super sale.  Use coupon code supersale to get 30% off your purchase. 

I do list on both as some people perfer one over the other.  Have supersale time. 


Thursday, July 12, 2012

judith ripka and b makowsky at sams club

Today I had to go to sams club.  While I was there I decided to look at the jewerly.  I was shocked to see judith ripka jewerly and b makowsky purses.  Yes they were the same earrings, rings and bracelets that you see on qvc.  The one bracelet they had was being marked down to $49.00 and when I came home I looked at qvc on line and the bracelet is $149.00.  The b makowsky bags were also the same ones on qvc.  The purse that I wanted to buy from qvc was $121.00 and at sams club it is $95.00.  So what is the deal?  Are they factory seconds or qvc returns?  If anybody knows what the deal is with this, please let me know.  I did not buy anything today but I will check back to see what other deals they have.

AAA is done ripping us off

Here is the update on my house insurance.   I have to get new insurance because when my current policy expires I will loose my coverage on everything except the house.  No coverage for my carport, florida room or the high tec state of the art laundry facility etc.  Also they will only cover 1 bathroom.  It only gets more ridiculous.   My premium is going up and they are raising the deductible.   I finally got in touch with my friend Ginny who gave me the name of her man.   I can get better coverage and less money.  Currently paying $1200.00 down to 700.00 and if I get the wind abatement test done my premium will be $500.00.  As I am tying this, it hits me like a ton of bricks...I can no longer get sink hole coverage due to something about a Florida law.  Not quite sure about it.  You can still get it but it has to be from a certain company and they now test the soil and in my case sand and no one passes it anyway so bye bye sink hole coverage.  With my current policy I am grandfathered into the sink hole coverage so I get to keep it.  Here it goes, to cover the sink hole coverage they took away all of my other coverage.   Those sneaky snakes.  Don't ever go with AAA insurance.  You will be sorry.  When I talked to the new insurance man today I said why hasn't my current insurance agency said anything about doing a wind test so I can lower my premiums....his response...we will take care of you.  You are in good hands with Allstate.

Marty McFly is here today

Today is the day Marty McFly came to when he went into the future in the movie Back To The Future.  July 11,  2012.  I think tonight I will have to watch the movie again. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

catlady531 on etsy and bonanza is having a sale

catlady531 on etsy and bonanza is having a sale through the weekend.  Use coupon code save20 to get 20% off your purchase.  On bonanza spend $75.00 and get a 30% discount.  For my etsy shoppers if you spend $75.00 conv me for the code to get the 30% off. 

I now have my items listed in both shops because some customers prefer one over the other so now you can shop where you like to shop.  If a item is not listed on bonanza but it is on etsy you can email me and I will put it in bonanza for you. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Memories of the 4th of July

Happy Birthday  Uncle Sam...big buck lumber.   Do you remember this?   One of my favorite things on the 4th is the airplanes carring banners.    Of course Big Buck lumber is gone but every year when I see one of those banners flying, I think of Happy Birthday Uncle Sam...Big Buck Lumber.  Also the balloon man..he had to be 90 and he carried those 6 foot colorful twisted balloons and he would call out balloons 2 for a quarter.  The man had a old very shaky voice so if you didn't know what he was saying it was just a blur of words.  Here is one of my favorites....early in the morning the truck would come down the street with fireworks and set off a big boom in the middle of the intersection.  They started this at about 5am.  I think it was a way of letting everyone know it was the 4th and time to go to the parade.  Also in the parade was the outhouse and there would be a man inside and it would go boom and he would fall out of the back of it on to the street.  It always made everyone laugh.  Oh the parade and afterwards we would go to the carnival with our tickets that we received with our report card and you could get a free sammy bar (ice cream bar) and a box of cracker jack.  At night we would go to van schroders house (it is the owner of the place my dad use to work).  They lived on the lake and they would put on a fireworks display like no other.  There were ground works with spinning wheels of fire and of course the air show.  We would all sit on blankets and the night sky would light up with beautiful fireworks.  Then of course because we were so close to everything the ashes from the fireworks would come raining down on you so by the end of the night you were covered in ash.  It really was a great time and it is now a wonderful fond memory.   For me it is now time to go watch the parade.  Everyone have a wonderful 4th of July.  Happy Birthday Uncle Sam...Big Buck Lumber.

I found out 2 interesting facts today.

1st we have the largest 4th of July parade in the whole midwest.

2nd  Our beach is listed as number 6 in the list of the best beaches in the whole united states. 

Who Knew

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Boy it is hot outside

It is 100 with the heat index and I have refilled the bird bath again. The birds lineup on the garage while I fill it with clean cold water. Today I did see something funny, I usually have one bird in for a bath at a time but when I looked out the window there was a whole sparrow family in for the family bath. I also put water on the ground in a bowl for the chipmunks and rabbits. While I am f...illing it up the bee's are getting angry at me for not filling fast enough. I have never seen so many thirsty bees. Yes they do sit on the edge and drink the water. I took Helmsley out for his nightly walk even though it was 100. He said he wanted to go. I know I am the human and I should say no, but you do not want to be around Helmsley if he doesn't get his walk or his pigs ear. Life is unbearable. We only did the block and came back. After that he said that is enough.
Update on the new car for daughter.   She says she is too picky so she is taking a risk everyday by driving her old car.  She did take her old car back to the repair shop today because it was really bucking and doing stupid stuff.  They found a wire unplugged.  She was like great now my check engine light that has been on for 3 years is now off.  Oh daughter what are we going to do with you. 

Saturday, June 30, 2012

It is time for us to breakup

My daughter is one of the funniest people I have ever met.  She has a way with words that really crack me up.  Her car is 10 years old and has a 160,000 miles on it and she really needs a new car.  Before I go any further with this story I have to tell you the car she had before this one had about 230,000 miles on it when she said goodbye to it.  Two weeks ago she took her car in for its oil change and the mechanic told her she needed a new serpentine belt.  That was a $100.00 dollar bill.  Now we all told her the next thing to go was going to be the alternator but she knew better.  Now she travels alot for her job so she really has to have a dependable car.  On thursday she was way out of town on business when her car started doing weird things.  She called her husband and said what do I do?  He said turn around and get home to the nearest car dealership to get your car looked at.  Ok,  drivers ed 101 turn off the air conditioning and radio to save the battery.  Mind you it is 100 degrees outside.  She is dressed in work clothes so by the time she got back into town she was a sweaty mess.  We now get a call from daughter and the first thing she says is, can I talk to father.  Humm, she called her dad father which means something is up.  Now I hear husband laughing hysterically.  Yup,  the alternator went in the car.  Which is another $400.00.  We told her 2 weeks ago this was going to happen and did she listen NO.  Now she is at the point where she has to buy a new car before this one makes her broke.  Her husband and her parents have been telling her for a year that she has to buy a new car.  Now what makes this story ever more bizarre is her husband works for a car dealership.  One of the biggest in the state.  While daughter was going to college she worked at a car dealership also so getting a good deal is not the issue she just can't part with this car.  As I stated the previous car was past the point of retirement and she wouldn't buy a new one, so the general manager of the dealership she worked at picked out a car and said here this is your new car.  You don't have a choice in this just sign the papers.  They practically gave the car to her.  If I told you what they sold the car to her for, you would all fall off your chairs.  Back to the story.  After the alternator was fixed she decided to look for a car.  She told me it is ok mom I had a long talk with the car and told it, it was time for us to break up.  I am now mad at you and our relationship is over.  Really,  now I am laughing hysterically.  Her husband is past the point of having any patience with her, because she is really picky when it comes to getting a new car.  I will look at this one...she gets in turns over the engine and says no and gets out.  WHAT?  no fuzzy feeling here.  Now her husband has picked out a really nice car for her and she likes it...but no fuzzy feeling and says no I am not ready to get into a long term relationship with it.  We don't mesh.  Daughter are you going to trade in your old car?  and have strangers driving my car no I am giving it to father to tinker with.  Oh goodie.   Daughter did test drive a bunch of cars today but still no fuzzy feeling.  I will keep you posted on the search for the perfect car. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

catlady531 on etsy has a big sale this weekend

catlady531 on etsy is having a big sale this weekend.  Use coupon code save20 to get 20% off your purchase.  Everything in the shop is 20% off.  If you read this send me a conv for a special coupon code to get even bigger savings. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It is way too hot outside for the cat

The temp today is pushing 94 and the queen of a cat wants to go outside.  I said no it is way too hot.  She proceeded to protest saying she didn't care.  I finally gave in and told her go outside and see for yourself.  Don't worry she cannot leave the yard as we have a 8 foot fence.  I kept my eye on her.  First she was under a chair resting in the shade then she moved to the porch still in the shade.  About 6 minutes outside there she was bellowing at the door to come inside.  I said what too hot outside?  She then turned to me and gave me a very dirty look and immediately flopped and layed down on the cool kitchen floor.  It was like ok you win.  It is too hot outside.  Well that shut her up for the day. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I just went to the grocery store to pick up a few items. When I went to check out the clerk was talking to the current customer. The clerk was complaining about someone saying she needs to get a job or something I am paying for her and her kids....etc. Do you get the... picture?....When I was checking out the clerk said to me do you want to know what I was talking about? Ok, she then explained that she just had a customer that had a food stamp voucher and are you ready.....the voucher was for $6,864.00 yes I said $6,864.00. The women had 10 kids and was pregnant with number 11. The complaining was because we as tax payers are paying for her kids and her huge food stamp voucher. I would add my own personal note, but I am at a loss for words.

Its raining cats and dogs

This afternoon I saw the police car had the street blocked on romayne ave and jacato drive so I decided to go see what it was all about.  As I was walking to the corner I could hear loud laughter and kids screaming with delight.  I thought oh they didn't did they?....Now keep in mind it is 90+ outside and sure enough when I rounded the corner the fire truck was there shooting water high up into the air and the fireman had the fire hose out showering the kids with water.  Not only little kids but big kids and adults were playing in the showering water that was coming from the truck.  Keep in mind most of these kids have never even ran through a sprinkler.  They were also handing out popsicles.  There was one little boy and that came up to me and with sheer joy on his face and  voice he is raining cats and dogs.  He then went on to tell me a whole story which most of I didn't get because he was talking so fast.  He was so excited.  The police officers that work the cop house are trying really hard to make Jacato drive better and to give the kids something to do other than get into trouble.  It was really fun watching the kids have so much fun.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

This carpeting has to go

I thought this project was going to be easier than it was.  Our whole house is carpeted.  We bought the house that way.  We knew that there were hard wood floors underneath but with the dog we didn't want to scratch up the floors with her claws so the carpet stayed.  Our dog passed away and of course we got a new dog and still the carpet stayed again for the same reason.  In the beginning it was good but as time went by it was like this carpet has to go.  We removed the diningroom carpet about 10 years ago but left the rest.  Why I don't know.  Time really gets away from you and after 27 years with this probably 1970s carpet it really has to go. It was past being brown and ugly.  So on Friday 6/15 daughter came over and we began what we thought was going to be easy removal of this carpet.  What we were not counting on is how well this carpet was installed back when.   Daughter cut the carpet and I pulled and rolled and that padding underneath my gosh how many staples did you have to use.  Now you are asking where is my husband in all of this...well he had surgery on Wednesday and with his stitches he is under doctors rules to do nothing for the next 2 weeks.  The carpet around the base boards is nailed and stapled.  They were really planning on this carpet lasting a life time.  So far it has.  It is just the color is brown and it is ugly.   We started in the morning and by 3pm we still had not gotten the hallway done.  Oh heaven help me.  My fingers are bandaged and bleeding from cutting them on the staples, I have brusies on my legs and my hands are now swollen.  I really don't have much left to give in this pulling out the carpeting.  My daughter is tired and she is use to this.  She has ripped out more carpeting and by herself yet.  So finally she said I am calling in reinforcements.  She called her best friend since grade school and said get your butt over her and help rip up this carpet.  The highlight of the day was when my daughter and her best friend were sitting on the floor pulling staples and they were talking and reminiscing about grade, jr high and high school and all of the sleepovers etc.  I wasn't going to cook so I called and orders sub sandwiches and it was like this really brings back memories with all of the times she ate over at our house.  While we were all eating and talking about old times,  I said do you want to spend the night.  It was in that one split second that I forgot that my daughter is married and so is her best friend and her friend has a 5 year old son.    We all had a good laugh.  When they went back to work I turned on QVC and daughters friend said thats what was missing.  Ok we are now in a total flashback.  Finally about 8pm the livingroom and hallway was carpet free.  Still carpet in the bedrooms that will have to wait until another day.  Today I continued trying to pull out the rest of those pesky staples and sand down where that padding grew attached to the floor.  Will I ever have carpet in my house again...NO, it is not worth the hassle of removing it.   But what I did get from this was a wonderful day with my daughter and her best friend reminiscing about days gone bye. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DALLAS is back on tv tonight don't miss it

I cannot wait to see the new Dallas tonight on tnt.  I was one of the biggest Dallas fans and loved, loved the show.  It is about time they brought it back.  My daughter was little at that time and she even knew that come Friday night at 9pm we watched Dallas.  She has been sending me messages all day saying mom tonight is DALLAS.   I cannot wait.....

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I am going to DisneyWorld after I graduate

Last Sunday all the schools in our city celebrated graduation from high school and college.  As I look back about 5 years I remember how my daughter celebrated her graduation from college.  I thought you might get a chuckle out of this.  Her graduation day ceremony was beautiful andl her dad and I were so proud of her.  She was a double major and graduated with honors.  Did she want a big party, that is how mom would have went but no she had other ideas.  As the day came close our daughter told us of her plans....she was going to DisneyWorld.  When?...right after the ceremony and what if the ceremony runs long.....then I guess I will leave in the middle of it.  Now my head is spinning.  Friends and relatives were there all watching the big event.  I was taking what pictures I could like a fool.  We did not have good seats so all I got was distant pictures.  Her boyfriend was there.  He is now her husband and almost to the end of the event he gets up and leaves....what is he doing....he has to go get the car and bring it to the curb so they can leave.  Too close,  the graduates are walking down the isle after the ceremony and daughter turns to us and waves goodbye.  Out the building she goes to her waiting car and they speed off to the airport to catch the plane to Florida.  DisneyWorld here we come.  Did mom get those once in a life time pictures of the graduate NO.   Other parents are in the hall all busy taking pictures but not me.  Thats my daughter. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

catlady531 on Etsy is having a 2 day sale

catlady531 on Etsy is having a 2 day sale.  Use coupon code save15 to get 15% off your purchase. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

AAA is ripping us off again

In todays mail we got a letter from AAA regarding our home owners insurance.  It stated that when your policy comes up for renewal in September one of the items that is going to be taken out is the hurricane coverage for carports and Florida rooms that are made out of aluminum. can buy additional insurance a rider for those items.  WHAT....I have it then you are going to take it away and let me have it again at an additional premium.  We called AAA and asked about this and wanted to know is this a AAA thing or is this a Florida thing.  The person could not answer that question, they will get back to us on that.  Also,  our deductible per AAA is $2500.00 and now they are raising it to $3000.00.  Either which way you look at this we are getting screwed.  You can file a claim but you won't get anything because they keep raising the deductible or you can pay more for the rider and you still won't get anything when you file a claim.  We need to find out some answers before we start looking for another insurance provider.  The good thing is the sink hole clause still remains.  I guess if my house gets blown away by a hurricane I better dig a big hole so it gets sucked up by a sink hole.  I will be covered then. 

Do you want to be my friend?

When the dog and I went for our walk today we passed the house where a big german shepard dog lives.  He was in the driveway which has a cyclone gate fence.  He barks at us and jumps.  I can tell by the way he jumps, it is only about 6 inches that he is old and probably has bad hips.  Today was different.  He was barking at us and then ran back towards the yard when he came back he had in his mouth a large furry dog toy that looked like a ground hog and it squeeked.  He was looking at Helmsley (my dog) and waging his tail and squeeking his toy.  He then put it down on the ground barked at us, picked it back up and squeeked it again.  I finally figued out he was telling Helmsley do you want to be my friend and play with my squeeker toy.  Please, Please be my friend,  lets play.   It was just too darn cute. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Chevrolet vs Mercedes

Today my husband and I went shopping at Sams Club and since he is on the quest to buy a jeep, bronco blazer we have to check out the cars in the lot.  Yes I know we are at a grocery store.  When we came out the women that was parked next to us had a brand new black suv.  My husband was playing 20 questions with her about it and she explained that she had a Lexus (should have been a hint) but she really likes this better.  My husband says to her is this the Chevrolet Equinox?  She gave him this look and replied no this is a Mercedes.  Oops...... moving on....did my husband feel stupid or what.  Lets see 94,900 for the fully loaded Mercedes vs my little Subaru.    Hopefully we will not have to play 20 questions with anyone else. 

Thursday, May 31, 2012

catlady531 on etsy has what you are looking for

catlady531 on Etsy has alot of merchandise that is not up for sale yet in her shop.  If you are looking for something anything from knick knacks to clothing just ask.  I just might have it.  It is the old story way too much stuff and not enough time. 

catlady531 on etsy does accept offers

Catlady531 on Etsy does accept offers.  If you feel an item is alittle over priced you can always make an offer.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I think there is a alien creature in my basement

My daughter called me last night all in a panic.  She was scared because there was this big brown thing hanging from the rafter in the basement and she was afraid to go downstairs. She said it looked like the creature from the movie Alien and she had visions of it clamping onto her face.  I said, ok honey how big is it.  She replied about the size of my hand. first thought was somehow a bat got into the basement, but I dare not tell her that.  Ok honey would you like me to come over and look at it.  Yes, would you.  Ok, I will be right over.  Now on my ride over to the house (It is only 5 minutes away) I tried to figure out how we were going to get a bat out of the basement.  I got to the house and took a deep breath before going down the basement.  I asked where is it,  she pointed over there..pointing up to the rafter.   When I finally saw it, I just stared at it.  What in the world is this thing that is as big as your hand.  I mean it looks like a hand.  It had a big fat round center with 5 fat (I mean as big around as your little finger) brown furry legs.  I told her get me a flashlight so I can get a better look at this thing.  Now with the light on it I am really staring at it.  Since I grew up in this house I am amazed that I never saw this thing before.   I am tapping it with the flashlight and of course it does not move.  It looks like a giant petrified spider right out of a horror movie.  I then see a tiny little clamp and I just laughed.  What I was looking at was a grouping of old phone wire that had been clamped off.  Mind you the house was built in 1927 and cloth covered wire was used back then and over the years it had gotten furry with age.  As I stated before, I never noticed it.  You see something new everyday.   

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Foxie Loxie has moved in

My daughter and her husband live in my parents house.  The house is in the city. The backyard is just a simple backyard.  It has the usual rose bushes and flowers in planters and a couple of lilac bushes.  But over the years the backyard has become home to many creatures.  When I was a kid there came to live a owl and a whopping crane.  Yes I said whopping crane and where it came from no one knows.  Oh there was the usual skunk and bunny rabbits.  After I got married and moved out mom would get ducks that would build there nests under the lilac bushes.  Now that daughter has lived in the house the possum family has moved in.  She really is not crazy about them and has tried to get them to move but they like it there.  Now 2 weeks ago she saw daddy fox crossing the street in front of her house.  Last week her little dog was in the back part of the house and she came running at full speed growling and barking like a wild beast into the sunroom.  Daughter decided she better look out the window and find out what little dog was going crazy over.  There walking down the driveway was momma fox and her babies.  Yes the fox family is now living in the backyard.  Daughter is really not happy about this considering she has a little dog and the fox is bigger than the dog.  Now foxie loxie is leaving presents for my daughter at the back door.  No it is not that kind of presents.  The presents the fox is leaving at the back door is the dead carcass's of the critters she eats in the backyard.  Mice or rabbits etc.  Daughter hasn't figured out if the fox is trying to make friends and these are gifts or is the fox trying to warn little dog, this is going to happen to you if you don't stay out of my yard.   We will find out what this means and I will update the story of foxie loxie and her family when I know something. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

It is time to say goodbye to my 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix

The time has come for me to say goodbye to my 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix.  The car belonged to my aunt.  She bought it brand new in 1995 at that time she was 85 years old.  It was red and all tricked out.  My aunt was one sassy lady.  My uncle had passed away several years before and she bought the car for the sole purpose of driving to Florida with my mom to visit their older sister.  Older sister was 90 at that time.  My aunt did all of the driving and they had a wonderful trip.  After leaving Florida they traveled to South Carolina to visit some friends and after several other stops they finally came home.  After that, the car truely became the car that was driven by the little old lady to church on Sundays.  It really didn't get another chance to drive on the open road and feel the wind across its hood.  The car was treated like a queen.  My aunt loved that car.  When my aunt turned 90 it was time for her to stop driving.  Oh she was still a excellent driver but it was time.  My aunt then sold me her beloved car.  It was hard for her but I always made sure when we went anywhere I would always take her car.  My aunt loved that.  She had it for 5 years and there was only 18,000 miles on it.  I drove it to work and it made several more trips to Florida and endless shopping trips.  It was a very good car but over the last couple of years it mostly sat in the garage and was stored over the winter.  Last year it was driven only 264 miles.  Last year when we took it out of storage my husband opened the hood to connect the battery and there sitting on the engine was a mouse.  The mouse just stared and him and would not move.  This was his home now.  After some time my husband finally got the mouse to move.  Well the car was not running right so we took it to the shop to have it checked out.  The mechanic called us and said do you know what is in your air cleaner?  No why would seems Mr Mouse was using the air cleaner for storage of his nuts, seeds etc.  Everything that mice like to eat.  Oh, Mr Mouse did other damage so several hundred dollars later the car was running again.  This year when the car came out of storage it really was not happy so back to the mechanic it went.  This time it was not good.  What didn't need to be replaced, from the head gasket down to the muffler.  Being stored is not good for a car.  The car was going to cost more to get it road safe then the blue book value of the car.  I do not have that kind of money laying around to put into a car that probably would cost more again next year.  Also I had to redo the plates next month.   The mechanic said I know a guy that will buy the car for parts so we called him and with a heavy heart I sold her to him.  She only had 116,750 miles on her.  She was dying of old age.  I watched the man put her on the truck and I told him be nice to her.  I know you are going to use her for parts but be gentle.  On the good side my husband told me the guy that bought her had a engine just waiting for her so maybe she will live again to feel the wind blowing across her hood.  Dedicated to my 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mothers Day.........Share Your Story

Happy Mothers Day to all.  Mothers Day is very special and for those of us whose Mothers have passed it is a happy and yet sad day.  I am a mother so for me it is a happy day.  I cannot imagine my life without my daughter.  She is a wonderful person and has a heart of gold.  On the other hand my mother has passed so it is hard not to be with her.  As I have stated in the past one of the hardest parts of the day is not giving her a Mothers Day present so tomarrow I will go to the cemetary with bird seed and a cut up orange to give her.  She loved feeding the birds so the birds will bring joy to her as they eat your seed and orange.  My dad died when I was 14 so basically my whole life it was mom and me.  I am a only child.  Mom quit working when she married my dad.  It was 1949 and that is what new brides did.  They quit work so the men that were coming back from the war could have jobs.  My mother did not know how to drive either.  So when my dad died she had to get a job and learn how to drive.  She did not have it easy.  She worked long hard hours sometimes working a double shift just to keep the house going and to put food on the table.  She worked every holiday because of the time and a half it paid.  She made sure everything was taken care of.  My mother was the kindest sweetest little lady you could ever meet.  She never said a bad word about anybody.  Nor did she swear.  She was prim and proper.  My mothers friends were friends that she made in grade school.  They were life long friends.  My mother was always there for me and later on I was there for her.  She always hated when towards the end of her life I had to take care of her.  She said it is not suppose to be this way.  I told her,  you always took care of me and now it is my time to take care of you.  I did not mind.  My mom was very special and I miss her every hour of the day.  She still sends me little messages to let me know she was still here for me.  I ended up buying my parents house because I could not bear to sell it. (Why did I have to buy my own house that has been paid off since 1968 because my mother never put my name on the title so in order to pay for the nursing home the house had to be sold.)  It was their house and my dad was so proud when he bought it.  My mother lived in that house for over 60 years.  Today my daughter and her husband live in it and a couple of weeks ago my daughter decided that the 1964 butterfly wallpaper in the bathroom had to go.  When she took the wallpaper down  there written on the wall was a note from my mother stating when she put the paper up and how much it cost etc.  There also was a personal note to me.  I think she figured that someday I would be taking the paper down.  It said I love you honey, Mom.  As I am tying this I am crying wishing she was here.  Yes daughter took a picture of it and saved me all of the butterfly wallpaper.  What I am going to do with it, I do not know.  I must tell you, I will not let her take down the pink tile, that will stay forever.  So to my mom I say I love you and miss you.  To my daughter I say without you my life would not be complete.

If you have a story that you would like to share about your mom,  please post a comment so everyone will know how special your mom was. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Traveling with 1 big dog and 2 cats is really a trip

You really haven't lived until you travel 2 days and 1200 miles in a small car with 1 large dog and 2 cats.  The dog is a season traveler so he knows what he has to do.  He is so smart about this it is not funny.   My little black cat who is scared of everthing and really does not have a brain in her little head either hides under the seat the whole trip or sits in the cat pan.  The queen will bellow for 2 days so we have to give her kittie zanex to keep her calm so she does not bellow and when I say bellow I do mean loud.  Now since she is a queen she either has to ride on my lap or sit on the floor between my legs.  I also have to have a scarf draped over her so the sun does not get into her eyes.  Mind you these 2 cats eat very little for 2 days and they refuse to use the moving potty (There is a cat pan in the car behind the drives seat) so when we get to the hotel the first thing I have to do is get the potty all set up before I get them into the room.  The minute they get into the room they fly to the toilet.  When we pull into rest areas people just laugh at our traveling zoo.  When we get off the interstate on the last part of the trip to our house the kids just come alive and just start snorting and sniffing.  They call smell in the air that we are home.  The time in the car has finally come to a end.  That is until we decide to do it all over again.

AT&T never called me back...I guess they didn't want my business

Well......I tried for over a week to get a supervisor to call me back as to why I cannot have my dsl back.  With the current speed they were offering on the u-verse we would not be able to upload movies on dish.  As I stated before my download time for a movie was about 25 hours.  The u-verse speed they were offering me was one step above dial up.  Are you kidding me.......Finally with a heavy heart I gave up on AT&T which broke my heart.  I also gave up dish and went to Time Warner.  I think I waited long enough since I did not have any internet for a week. 

AT&T if you read this and want to finally give me an answer send me a email.  I think I will be waiting a very long time.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Do you have a drip system?

The other day when Helmsley and I went for our walk we passed this one house and there was water running down the hill in front of the house.   I just stood there watching this water running down the hill and I finally decided I better go talk to the guy that owns the house.  I rang the door bell and when he came out (he is a rather large man with a belly that looks like he is 12 months pregnant)  he had on no shirt and tiny little shorts and wears a black patch over one eye.  I asked him do you have a drip system to water your plants and replied NO I have a hose.  I said oh ok the reason why I asked is you have water running down the hill in front of your house.  He replied oh no and went to look at it.  He just stood there and shook his head.  He opened up the water meter box and realized there was a leak in the water line.   The water line that goes to the pipe that is sticking out of the ground in front of his house.  It seems they were going to put in a fountain a long time ago and never did so the pipe was capped.  Well it is now leaking.  I told him you know with the price of water down here you either are going to have a very large water bill or a swimming pool in your front yard.  When we came back about 45 minutes later there he was with his shovel digging up the water pipe that goes no where.  He thanked me for telling him because if I hadn't like I said he would have had a swimming pool in his front yard.   

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Come on AT&T give me back my dsl

I am in the process of moving so if you are one of my Esty customers and wondering where I am, I will be back as soon as AT&T gives me back my dsl so I can use my computer.  Hopefully it will only be a week.

I WANT TO SCREAM.....................I had dsl for my internet and then I cancelled it when we came to Florida.  Now I am going back home and they won't give me back my dsl.  Why because they are now running u-verse.  The problem with that is they only have the internet side done and not the tv side. With that the speed is so slow it is right above dial up and if you want to down load a movie on dish it takes about 24 hours.  Yes I said 24 hours.  Now when I want to use my computer that darn little circle just goes around and around and stares at me.  I tried to get ahold of AT&T yesterday for about 5-6 hours.  I finally got someone to give me a supervisor callback and I told him, right as if that is going to happen.  I told him you and I both know you never get a callback.  When I was working, if I told a customer I was going to give them a callback I did.  Oh yes it is now over 24 hours and did I get that callback NO... I was bounced around from state to state and state to state.  I wanted to bang my head on the wall.  I don't want to do it but they are forcing me to go to Time Warner.   

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My 1966 J C Pennys fabric muu muu

I bought this fabric on Etsy and I am so excited about it.  (The penny is to show size of fabric).  I know you are looking at it and thinking ok this is ugly.   The year is 1966 and I am in jr high.  It was my first home economics class and my first sewing project was to make a dress.  Ok, I confess we had to make a muu muu.  Yes I did say muu muu.  Mom and I took the bus downtown to J C Penneys so I could get some fabric to make this muu muu.  At one time Penneys did sell fabric.  They had a whole yard goods dept.  I was so excited to make my first dress.  I picked out this material.  I will never forget it.  How could you, it is so ugly.  The muu muu had an elastic neck and puff sleeves with elastic cuffs giving the sleeves a ruffle look.  What I don't remember is was it knee or floor length.  I think it was knee length.  I look back at it now and it is like, what was I thinking.  I was 12 what did I know.  It was colorful and fun.  Just like me.   What am I going to make out of this fabric?  I do not know.  Maybe I will frame it. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mama's little boy is so cute

We can now tell from the picture that Mrs Cow's little baby is a boy.  Isn't he cute.  You can also see the difference in size.   People are coming to the park just to see the baby.   I was talking to her so she turned around and decided to watch me, watch her. 

Monday, April 30, 2012

The Funny For The Day..............Oh No

Last night when I took Helmsley out for his nightly business, it was dark out but I did have the backyard light on.  I saw this little thing in the yard.  It was curled up and about 3 inches long.   I just stood there looking at it trying to figure out what it was then I saw a eye.  It was a tiny little baby bunny.  Helmsley was walking right past it when his nose told him oh what is he stuck his nose on it and the little bunny ran around and around the yard trying to find a way out with Helmsley hot on his bunny tail.  On one of the passes around the little bunny ran full speed right into the air conditioner head first.  He bounced off and rolled.  By now Helmsley is licking him and I am screaming leave the little bunny alone.  I figured for sure the little bunny was either dead or brain damaged but the little bunny recovered and ran this time right through the cyclone fence to freedom.  Helmsley thought he should go after him but that was not going to happen.  We will wait until tonight to see if the little bunny comes back. 

Update on previous story.....mrs cow and her baby are doing just fine.  Baby spent most of the day sleeping under a tree in the shade.
Before my neighbors left yesterday morning to go back home I went over to say good bye.  They were sad to leave also.  The husband was complaining that they are taking home more than they came with.  I said why don't you just leave it here as you will need to when you come back down. (It was just stupid stuff like a wood drying rack etc)  He just rolled his eyes at me.  I asked his wife why not just put it in your new house?  She said no she didn't trust her stuff left in the house while they were gone.  I am thinking what are you going to do take the furniture home with you also.  Then she was oh I have something for you, comes the gallon of icecream, lettuce, tomatos, bread, pie etc until I had my arms full of groceries.  Then she said do you like this?  it was a brand new large bottle of dove body wash.  Yes I said but I told her to take it with her.  She said no, there was way too much stuff in the car and her husband would not let her take one more thing.  With no place to put it since my arms were already full, I said here stick it under my arm pit.  Hey you do what you have to do.  Last night was really sad when I went to took Helmsley out for his nightly business and there was no one yelling at me from across the fence about what we did for the day or what was on our favorite tv shows.  I really miss the,  I baked a pie today let me get you some.   I never I thought I would miss talking over the fence so much.  Until next year. 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

There is a fancy farm behind our house,  I mean fountains, swimming pool etc.  It is owned by a Doctor.  He has over 5 acres and at the begining of the year there were 4 goats and 3 black angus steers.  The goats are gone and so have 2 of the steers.  We figure they are now on the dinner table.  But they did leave 1 lonely steer, miss heffer.  She would just roam all 5 acres by herself.  It is so sad.  Every day when Helmsley the dog and I go walking we would stop at the fence and talk to her.  This morning she was mooing at us like crazy and really telling us a story.  A friend of ours and his dog came to the park so we were talking to them and when I turned around because miss heffer was really talking we saw miss heffer now miss cow had a baby.  It was born between last night and this morning.  Since there was no baby yesterday.  At first they were right at the fence so we could get a real good look.  It is so tiny and its little legs wobble.  Again no camera with me so I went home and when I came back they had moved farther away so the picture is not a closeup.  Hopefully tonight they will be back at the fence so I can get a real good picture.  We do have a answer to our question, why did they take the other 2 steers away and not her.  She was lucky because she was going to have a baby. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The funny for the day...........will you take pity on me

It is that time of year.  Our neighbors are heading home.  It is kinda sad when all of the snow birds go home.  It is very quiet around here.  I will miss my new neighbor Ginny and her husband.  We have alot in common and we talk alot.  In the morning we go across the street and visit with our other neighbor and have coffee.  At night if we are out at the same time letting the dogs do their business we stand and talk over the fence.  Yes we do that.  People use to do those things but not so much anymore.  It won't be the same next year as they were only renting the house next door.  They did buy a house but it is several blocks over, so no talking over the fence anymore.  We told them everyone took a vote and you cannot leave us and go cheat on us with new neighbors. :)  Today they took everyones picture as it was the end of there time as snow birds together.  It was funny this afternoon Ginny came over and said do you think your husband will take pity on me?  I was like what? and then I realized she had a empty coffee cup and her K cup for the Keurig in her hand.  Her Keurig coffee maker was not working and she wanted a cup of coffee.  So husband got out his Keurig and made her a cup of coffee.  It was like the old routine you use to see on Lucy when Lucy would borrow a cup of sugar from Ethel.   Tonight Ginny brought over a carrot cake and a gallon of ice cream for us.  Until next year, have a safe trip home. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Funny For The Day.................................Zumba Instructor In Training

I am one of those mothers who could brag upon their daughter all day long.  I am very proud of her.  Since she was 15 (now 29) where did the time go, she has always worked 2 if not 3 jobs. Right now she has a full time job and 2 part time jobs.  Why because she has ants in her pants and sitting still for 5 minutes and she is bored.  She has now found the world of Zumba and now certified to become an instructor.  Is still in training before she gets her own class.  The other night she was teaching a class and has to makeup her own routines.  During her high school days she was a break dancing fool.  She could spin on all her body parts and she really gave the boys a run for their money during competition.  She is a fantastic dancer.  So she decided to add some body rolling stuff into the Zumba routine.  Most of the class just stood there but the others that came from that background really got into it.  In her class is a very sweet nun who really got into it.  After class people were asking her how did you learn to do that, that was great etc.  She finally had to confess to them she was a break dancer.  The nun was telling her how much she enjoys watching her, because she is so easy to follow.  Her dance movements are crisp.  She finally had to confess up that she was also a cheerleader in high school and that is how they were taught for their routines.  Be crisp and follow through.  Oh mom she said after 10 years the cheerleader is coming back out.  

I will add another break dancing story, because of of those are really funny.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Find Of The found what?

Yesterday my neighbor went to thrift shop and purchased some very old wall sconces. I do mean very old. They had the cloth wiring etc. I think somewhere along the line they were changed from oil or candle to electric. The patent number on them was no 18. That patent number was issued August 31, 1936. Now that is old.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

The Funny For The Day........................Guess what I saw

Today while walking in the park with my friend Phyllis and our dogs I stopped Phyllis and I said what is that?  I was afraid to walk any further as I had no idea what I was looking at.  It was huge and it had it back to us so all I could see was this shell.  She just laughed and said, oh that is just a Gopher Turtle.  I had one living under my Florida room but I never saw it.  He was as larger than a dinner plate.  We went up to it to get a better look and the dogs went crazy barking at it.  This little guy hisses like a cat and I am telling you they move really fast for a turtle.  He got inside the enclosed fence area and we felt bad for him trying to get out.  We were just standing there talking and I turned around and there he was.  It only took him a couple of minutes to dig under the fence and he was free at last.  He went walking across the park and into the wooded area.  Hopefully he will have enough smarts not to cross the road. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The not so funny for the day...................I hate this

This is the not so funny for the day.  I am really not happy about this at all.  I have receding gums.  It is something I inherited.  Lucky me.  About 23 years ago I had the surgery where the skin on the roof of your mouth is removed and then grafted to the gum area that is receding.  It is not fun.  It hurts like hell and you cannot eat etc.  Last week I had what I thought was a canker sore in my mouth so I was gargling with salt water.  The inside of my cheek hurts so last night I stuck my finger in my mouth and was feeling around for whatever it is and I found it.  My first reaction was oh no.  I went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror.  There poking out out of the skin from the bottom of my jaw is the tip of the bone of my tooth or root.  I don't know at this time.  That bone tip is whats rubbing against the inside of my cheek.  Needless to say I did not sleep very well last night.  I am scared.  I do not want to do the skin grafting thing all over again.  I don't know maybe they are going to have to pull the tooth.  Who knows.  The last thing it could be as we get older bones shrink and maybe a bone broke off and is floating around coming out of the skin.  In any case this is not good.  Tomorrow I get to call the dentist that did the original surgery and see what he says.  I am going to find out if I should see a dentist here first or just go home.  How much time do I have before that tooth falls out of my mouth or worse develops into having a root canal.  What this means is, instead of going home in 3 weeks are we going to have to leave asap.   I am not driving for 2 days in extreme pain.  Oh heaven help me.  This is not good and I hate it.

Grieving The Loss Of Your Mother

In doing what I do as a seller on Etsy I get a chance to talk with alot of people.  Lately as we get closer to Mothers Day it brings out alot of emotions especially if our mothers have passed.  I want to share with you about my experience in hopes of helping others to understand you are not alone.  It is hard to believe it will be 4 years since I lost my wonderful mother.   I am an only child and my dad died when I was 14 so basically my whole life has been just mom and I.  My mother was kind, sweet and never said a bad word about anybody.  She never even said a swear word.  Mom was 88 and when her last surviving sister died at age 102 in January 2008 and that is when she stated to go down hill.  She felt very alone all of her family was now gone.  Granted she had me but she was really missing everyone now especially my father.  Mom ended up in a nursing home due to many falls and she was getting weaker and weaker with each fall.  I visited mom several times a week and still continued to talk with her everyday on the phone.  Just about every day she would tell me she was tired and ready to go.  I could see it coming but I was not prepared.  The good thing is my mom's mind was still as sharp as ever and knew I was there and we could still hold our long conversations about whatever.  I saw mom on Wednesday and Friday she was fine.  Tired but fine.  I walked in on Saturday morning to be greeted by the head nurse and said I am so happy you are here.  Why,  I am always here on Saturday.  It seems mom slipped into a coma and the time was near.   WHAT.....what happened between last night and this morning.  I thought back over last few days and remembered, mom would look at me straight in the eye and say are you going to be ok?  I am dying you know.  I would tell her no mom you are not dying.  Again, are you going to be ok?  I finally said yes mom I will be ok.  It will be hard but I will be ok.  I bought her house which made her very very happy.  It was the home my dad and mom bought when they got married in 1949 and it was the house she lived in for 60 years.  My daughter and her future husband now lived in.  They were going to be married in the next couple of months so I had the wedding to look forward to.  Yes mom I would be ok.  She was happy and I gave her a hug and kiss as I always did and told her I loved her.  As I was leaving she just gave me that look as if she was studying my face for the last time and said goodbye and I love you.  I didn't see it, but as I look back she was saying goodbye to me for the last time.  The next couple of days were horrible just waiting and waiting for her to pass.  Now here comes the funny.....on Sunday night while I was sitting there and she was in a coma she said to me....Rice Krispies...I was like Rice Krispies now that was moms favorite cereal and I guess before she died she wanted her favorite cereal.  I guess you could say her last meal.  I said to her, you want to eat Rice Krispies and she said yes.  The kitchen was closed but I did manage to find someone to give me a bowl of Rice Krispies.  I fed them to her while she was still out of it.  She never did wake up.  So to this day everytime I see Rice Krispies I think of my mother and how those were her last words to me.  She did pass the next day.  The next couple of days are in a fog.  The funeral service was beautiful and at the end of the service when they took the casket away to be closed I realized I did not kiss mother goodbye.  My husband is like that's ok and I was like no, you don't understand I always give mom a kiss when I was leaving.  I ran to the back of the church where the casket was and gave her a hug, kiss and told her I loved her.  At the wake we served her favorite food.  For dessert we had her favorite hot fudge sundae's.   I will remember that day as if it were today.  It never leaves you.  The next couple of months until my daughters wedding were rough.  I really wanted my mom there to share in the excitement but she was not.  My daughter got married at Disney World she was a Disney princess bride.   On the day of the wedding it was about 7am and I left the hotel room to go outside and have my morning coffee.  I was sitting on the curb in the parking lot talking to the sky and crying and talking to my mom saying I wish you could be here.  As I was sitting there crying and talking this beautiful butterfly came and sat on the curb beside me.  You know what they say about butterflies.  It made me smile as I realized mom was with me to see our beautiful girl get married.  I felt better.  My daughter had an outdoor wedding under a without wedding preparations etc.  Now it starts to really sink in.  You are alone.  No call to mother every day at 7pm or no visits with her.  All of my life it was mom and I and now I am just I. I am now a orphan.  It is one of the worst feelings in your life.  You are now alone. Granted I have a wonderful husband, daughter and now son-in-law but something is missing.  My mom.  You cry and reminisce  and wish you could talk with your mom one last time but it never comes.  You hope this is all a bad dream and if you were to call her she would say I honey how was your day.  I know mom is happy now as she is with my dad and her family and it helps alittle but there still is a big hole in your heart.  I know one day we wil all be together again but until that day I just keep talking to the sky in hopes she hears.  When my mom was little she would get a orange for Christmas and it was something I did every year.  I gave her a orange at Christmas.   One of the hardest things about Christmas is as a child I would make her a gift and when I got older and had money I would buy her a gift.  Christmas is not the same as there is no present for mom under the tree.  I finally came up with a solution for that one.  I get a orange and cut it in half and take a bag of bird seed to the cemetery and open up the orange and sprinkle the seeds on it.  Mother loved her orange and she loved feeding the birds.  Once again I get to give my mother her Christmas present.

The point of this post is to let you know, if you are grieving the loss of your mother you are not alone. I have been there and I know how you feel.  If you would like to share a story about your mom or just talk put in a comment and I will share it with others so we can help ourselves heal and othere heal all at the same time.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Nancy's Recipe Box................................Apricot Banana Bread


  • 1/3 cup butter, softened
  • 2/3 cup sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup mashed ripe bananas (2 to 3 medium)
  • 1/4 cup buttermilk
  • 1-1/4 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup 100% bran cereal (not flakes)
  • 3/4 cup chopped dried apricots (about 6 ounces)
  • 1/2 cup chopped walnuts


  • In a large bowl, cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in eggs. Combine bananas and buttermilk. Combine the flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt; add to creamed mixture alternately with banana, beating well after each addition. Stir in bran, apricots and nuts.
  • Pour into a greased 9-in. x 5-in. loaf pan. Bake at 350° for 55-60 minutes or until a toothpick inserted near the center comes out clean. Cool 10 minutes before removing from pan to a wire rack. Yield: 1 loaf(16 slices).

The Funny For The Day.....................Where is my car?

Today I went to Walmart and I wasn't really paying attention when I got out of my car.  I had other things on my mind.  So when I got finished grocery shopping and went out to the parking lot, I just stood there because I had no idea where I parked my car.  You know, the first rule of thumb when you park your car you make a mental note of where you parked.  Since I did not do that I just stood there like a fool.  I walked down one isle and up the next until I figured out why don't I just hit the alarm button on my key chain and follow the noise.  Stick your arm up in the air and bingo there goes the alarm.  I finally found my car.   Now the next day we went to Disneyworld and were walking back to the car and sure enough there is someone else looking around and around for their car.  They finally put their arm up in the air and hit the car alarm.  I guess I am not the only one that does that. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Scary frightening...................Look at the picture of a evil looking devil ghost face

I took this picture of a spider web and if you look to the right you will see a white spot.  Now look to the left of the white spot and what do you is a evil looking devil ghost face.  That is just too frightening for me.  This picture was taken in the dark and I am pointing the camera up in the air.  There are no lights on it is complete darkness.   I have the picture before this and after this one and this image does not show up in either of those 2 pictures.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The funny for the day.......................He peed on the man's leg

Tonight while Helmsley and I were at the park the funniest thing happened. There is a man at the park (he is the pot head I told you about in a previous story). He has a dalmation dog named slim. Slim is never on a leash because the man thinks it is cruel because dogs like to be dogs and run free in the breeze. Well, the pot head man was talking with another man and here comes Slim....Slim comes up to the man (not the pot head) and lifts he leg and pee's on his leg. The good thing was the man was wearing jeans. I laughed so hard......It seems I was the only one laughing everyone else was appalled. Mr pot head never said a word to his dog or even to the man. He never even apologized. He just kept right on talking and acted like it was a every day thing. I think Mr pot head has been banned from the park. Let me say this again, he is a senior man that has fried his brains, because he is a pot head.