Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Blue Haired Gang......................Old geezer is dumpster diving for coupons

Our newspaper and magazine recycling center is in our little park where residents walk their dogs.  Today while I was walking into the park with Helmsley the dog I saw a bicycle parked next to the huge dumpster that you put your newspapers in for recycling. (This dumpster is very long and has 8 window like openings that you open to throw in your papers.)  I thought ok..but then I did a double take.  There sticking out of the window of the dumpster was someone on their stomach with there legs just flopping up and down.  At first I thought, oh my god what happend did someone fall in the dumpster, head first.   I walked to the dumpster to see if I could help.  I soon realized what was actually happening was this person was wiggling their way back out of the dumpster.   Just as I got to the dumpster the old guy came out. (Remember we are a 55 community here).  I just stood there and looked at him with his hands holding plastic grocery bags full of coupon inserts that you get in the newspapers.  I really did not know what to say except are you ok?   He mumbled something about collecting coupons as he is hooked on the tv show extreme couponing.   He then got on his bicycle with the plastic bags on the handle bars and drove off into coupon heaven.   Thank goodness the old geezer didn't break a hip in the dumpster.   I know the economy is tight..............I got nothing....I really don't know what to say.

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