Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Blue Haired Gang...................The Old Ladies Dig The Dog

Today I had to go to a little boutique to pick up something special for my best friend.  While I was there, the blue haired ladies that were behind the counter were talking about last nights episode of Dog The Bounty Hunter.  They were gushing over the Dog.  The way they were talking about him, it was as if they were talking about Frank Sinatra.  (Idol of there time) or even the latest soap opera.  While I was standing at the counter another lady came into the store and she was like did you see The Dog last night.  What kind of badge is that around his neck, do you think he carries a real gun?   Me personally I don't know,  I was busy watching Ghost Hunters and Face Off.   I really found it funny that the old ladies Dig the Dog. 

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