Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Funny For The Day......................Fire chief emblem

As I was searching Etsy for interesting items, I came across this cutie.  It is a fire chief emblem.  When I saw it, it reminded me of something from my child.  When I was a kid, late 50s early 60s I was walking around the neighborhood when I came across a man burning leaves in the gutter. He had a really good fire going.   Now burning leaves is dangerous especially to a kid under 10.   I told the man, you can't do that and I am going to call the fire dept.  His reponse was go ahead, I am the chief of the fire dept.  Of course I did not believe him and I told him so.  He then pointed out this emblem that was on his house.  Well of course, I still did not believe so he pulled out his badge and showed me.  Now I feel stupid, but everytime I drive past that house I remember the fire chief.   If you know a fire chief or are one, you have to have this emblem.  Check out this listing on Etsy.


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