Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Funny For The Day.................My weird neighbor and Fred the dog

The man across the street is really a strange weird man.  I try to say hi or talk to him and he acts like I am typhoid Mary.  Last year he got a cute little beagle dog puppie named Fred and he never potty trained him outside so I presume he is using the doggie mat.  Skip ahead, it is now 1 year later and poor little Fred now a gownup beagle is still not allowed outside the house.  The neighbor does have the garage door raised just enough with a gate across so Fred can at least look outside but that is all.  When I come outside and the neighbor see's me down goes the garage door.  Oh heavens if I should even want to say hi to Fred.  That is not allowed.  I was told last year not to talk to Fred.  Well last week when I was getting ready to go grocery shopping I saw the neighbor.  He was wearing gray sweat pants and over them he had on navy and white flowered surf shorts.  To top it all off he was wearing a bright orange T shirt.  He needs the fashion police.  When I was in the pet food isle at the grocery store there was my neighbor.  I said hi and how was Fred.  The man jumped and just stared at me....finally he said oh your my neighbor.  He said Fred was fine and I said you really need to take Fred out for a walk or something.  Let him play on the grass.  You know be a dog.  He replied no Fred was just fine and happy being a inside dog.  He never goes outside. He didn't want Fred to get in the grass he might dig or something.   Can you imagine this big beagle peeing in the house all of the time.  YUK.....Well today what happened just was the icing on the cake.   The man drives a convertible sports car and he put Fred in the car with the top down and he drove him around the neighborhood.  I was outside doing yard work at the time.  No I was not peeking out my window watching him.  The guy will not take the dog for a walk, but he will drive him around in the car so he can get some fresh air.  I am really missing something here.

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