Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Funny For The Day......................Porno in the Produce Dept

After the Walgreens disaster and the motorcyle car accident I finally made my way across the street to the grocery store to get 1 box of garlic.  Now the garlic is in the produce dept and what happened there,  I will be gentle on this I was picking out my garlic there was a man a couple of feet away from me picking out onions and he was talking on his cellphone about his latest boyfriend.....and how wonderful, extra he is in the bedroom.  The conversation goes on.......and all I am going to say is, it was porno in the produce dept.  

Now when you check out the bagger always asks do you need help to your car with that.  This time because all I had was a little box of garlic he asked if I wanted a bag.  I said no, but I said to him, you could carry my package out to the car for me, since it is so heavy.  The kid just stared at me until he realized I was kidding him and then he laughed. 

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