Sunday, January 29, 2012

The funny For The Day......................The Blue Haired Gang and Butt Wipes

Today I had to go to Walgreens to pickup a few things and I figured I better go before everyone came home from church.  I missed my opportunity and the store was full of the blue haired gang.  Now I am really start to hate coupons.  With the popularity of the coupon show shopping sometimes is a nightmare.  I was ready to checkout when the manager was called to the register for a coupon conflict.  Ok I will go to the other register.  Oh wait, manager to register 2 another coupon conflict.  Oh heck, I will just wait it out this register.  After after coupon conflict I decided to go to register 2 and wait.  Now that person has yes that is right another coupon catastrophe.  The clerk and the customer started to argue about moistened butt wipes verses regular butt wipes.   It seems the coupon was for the plain and they bought the moistened so no coupon allowed.  The lady ahead of me waiting got so discussed she left.  They argued back and forth about butt wipes and finally the clerk is like do you want me to give you a refund then you can buy the moist butt wipes and use your $2.00 coupon.  YES...Ok, then let me have your receipt...I don't have a receipt you never gave me one, yes I did, no you didn't as the customer is shaking her fist at the clerk.  This went back and forth for sometime.  Finally the blue haired lady realized the receipt was in her hand the whole time.  More screaming and yelling and finally the clerk called for the manager and in the mean time she said, let me take care of this lady (meaning me) and when I left the manager, clerk and the customer were all yelling about the butt wipes.  I like coupons just like the next person, but somewhere this has to stop. 

PS.......When I tried to exit the driveway from Walgreens there was a 3 motorcycle and 1 car accident.    Read the next story about my experience in the grocery store. 

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