Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Funny For The Day.......Your going to who's house

On Sunday when Helmsley the dog and I went for our walk in the park we met up with a friend of ours and his 2 little dogs. He was telling me that today was the memorial service for his step dad. His step dad passed away last month but they had to wait until his step brother was here for the memorial service. Why, because his step brother is the director Nelson McCormick and he has been filming in Australia. (director of Terra Nova etc) I am like WHAT...and Saturday night they were sitting around and he said, do you want to see if John is at home....WHAT John Travolta !!!!! (He lives in Ocala you know) So they called but he wasn't home. He was is in California for the Golden Globes Sunday night.   Nelson had to fly out early Sunday morning so he can be at the Golden Globes Sunday night. I gave him a good slap in the arm and said, next time you go to John's house you better be knocking on my door and say come on lets go visit John. He said, I might just do that. So there is hope that I will meet John T yet.   My question for the day is.....Why don't I know any famous people. My daughter's neighbor is the brother to a famous basketball coach who is still coaching.  When there in town playing, daughter and her husband always get court seats.   I guess if I were to have a bucket list, that would be on my list.  To meet with someone famous.  So I could say, I know someone famous. 

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