Friday, January 13, 2012

In praise of the UPS man

Today the ups man came, but not to visit me.  I live on a dead end street so he turns around in my driveway.  When I heard the truck I went to look out the window.   He delivered a package to the man across the street.  This is a 55 community.  My neighbor was in his driveway getting the package from the ups man.  He then turned around to go back into the garage and the ups driver went to his truck.  My neighbor had to climb over the metal dog fence that is across the opening of his garage door.  When he did that his foot got caught in the metal fence and he fell and I think he hit his car on the way down.  The ups driver heard this and turned around and ran backup the driveway and climbed over the dog fence.  The man could not get up so the ups man had to help him back up.  They then inspected the car. :)  After he made sure my neighbor was ok he left.  I did call ups and tell them what a good ups driver they have.  The supervisor did call me so I could relay my story again so they can properly thank him for doing a good job. etc.   After the bad ups stories we heard about over the holidays I just wanted to let them know that there are good ups drivers out there. 

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