Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Update on the Prayer Chain

Good news everyone.   The prayer chain has been working.  My best friends husband is out of surgery and it went well.  The heart valve replacement was a success so far.  The next 24 hours is critical.   The heart and aorta were ok so no open heart surgery.  Yes.  But both valves had to be replaced due to the infection that was eating them away.  The good news, bad news is when he went into surgery this morning he was in full cardiac arrest so they got him in, in the nick of time. Both lungs had also stopped working.  The kidneys have shut down, so he will need dialysis.  Did he have another stroke on the table?  That is unknown until they do another EEG tomarrow.  Because he was on the table for so long and hooked up to machines they do know he is going to have  memory loss.  Also due to the prior stroke.  How much, unknown.   They will be waking him up later on tonight to get a visual then they will put him back into a sleep state for about 24 hours.   My best friend is a mess right now, she doesn't know what to do.  Scared, confused and happy that he is still alive.  He has a very good team of doctors, so with gods help and everyones prayers,  I know he will be ok.  Recovery is going to take a long time.  So keep the prayer chain going and I will post an update when I get one.   Thanks everyone.  

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