Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Update on the Prayer Chain

More good news.   They woke my best friends husband and had him do the wiggle your toes and squeeze my hand routine and he passed.   My best friend, his sister and my daughter got be in the room when they did this, which is the best medicine my friend could have.  She has been a basket case since this all went down.  The nurse also held up the urine bag and said see this....great news his kidney function has come back so no kidney dialysis needed.   Daughter is like, ok to much sharing.  I don't need to know this.  She is a real hoot.  We are pretty sure he knew they were in the room.  Again a good thing.  Daughter is taking her home tonight because in her worried condition she is no shape to drive home.  The hospital is about 45 min to a hour away depending on traffic.  My friend has not left the hospital in 3 days.  My friends sister-in-law will take her back in the morning.  If something should happen during the night and she has to go back to the hospital then my daughter and her husband will drive her back.  My best friend thanked me  for having my daughter.  I know I am truly blessed for having such a wonderful daughter.  My friends husband has been sedated again and is in guarded condition, which is normal for having gone through what he has gone through.  In the morning they will do another EEG to determine if he had another stroke during surgery.   For everyone out there that is on the prayer chain keep sending those prayers and thinking good thoughts as it is working.  Thanks everyone.   I will update when I get more news. 

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