Thursday, January 19, 2012

Update on the Prayer Chain

More good news.....My best friend just called me and her husband is doing real good.   He is off the oxygen and breathing on his own.  The kidney function is back to normal.  He is moving his arms and legs.  The big news is, he wants to eat.  He is hungry.  He hasn't wanted to eat in 2 weeks.  He is still in intensive care which is normal but he wants out.  He is barking orders as my friend calls it, so for him he is coming back.  Now you have to realize that as they were wheeling him into surgery yesterday morning for all intensive purposes he died.  If he hadn't been on his way in, he would have been dead.   They saved him without a minute to spare.  Thank you, thank you all for all of your prayers.  I fully believe the power of prayer is powerful.   I will keep you updated.  

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