Friday, January 20, 2012

Update on The Prayer Chain

Todays update on my best friends husband.  Her husband is doing remarkable for having everthing that could go wrong, go wrong.   Including dying and having the doctors bring him back from being dead.  His medical story is so unbelievable that there were doctors observing the surgery so he can be written up in a medical journal.  His recovery is slow, surgery was only Wednesday.  The eeg from this afternoon is no more strokes, no bleeding from the brain, heart and lungs working properly.  His kidneys are one step forward and one step back.  He is still having hallucinations all from the strokes and being on the operating table so long.  My best friend is a wreck.  It is killing her to see her husband is such a wild state.   It hurts me also, to see her in such pain.  The only thing I can do is just be there for her.  We will get through this.  All of the prayers and good thoughts has worked.  We still need to prayers to get him through this.  Thanks to all.    I will update again. 

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