Sunday, January 22, 2012

Update On The Prayer Chain

The news is very good today.  My best friend just called me and said that they are moving her husband out of  intensive care.  After 10 days of being in the ICU it is very much a welcome change.  He is now in the cardiac care therapy wing.  He even opened his eyes for her and said hi and called her by name.  He has not done that in 5 days.   Her and her husband have alot of friends, but she is amazed at how many people (friends of friends of friends) have requested to be a friend on facebook so they can get the updates on her husband.  His medical story is amazing and with the wonderful world of the internet and facebook, you find out how many people out there really care as to what is happening to a total stranger.  As I have stated before, the power of prayer and good thoughts works miracles. 

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