Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We need your prayers and good thoughts today

My best friend of over 35 years,  I consider her my sister and not just a friend, her husband is having mega major surgery today.  What has happened to that man since Friday 1/13 is something that movies are made from.  He is only 61 years old.  The man was the picture of health until the 13th.  Where do I start to give you the short version.  He has had 3 strokes, bleeding on the brain, kidneys have shut down and some wild infection that is eating away at his heart and the valves.  They wanted to get him stable with the brain and kidneys before they went and did the heart surgery, but he took a turn yesterday and if they don't do surgery right now, the outcome is not good.   With strong antibiotics they got the bleeding on the brain stopped.  The kidneys are not yet 100% but surgery has to be done now.  He has to have open heart surgery, replace the valves with pig valves and the infection is eating away at the aorta so they have to fix that.  They really don't know what else has to be done until they get in there.  He has a team of 12 doctors working on him.  Of course they gave my friend the 5 cent speech about he could stroke out on the table and will be a vegtable for the rest of his life or he could have a massive heart attack that would kill him.  She hasn't called me yet this morning so I don't know how it is going.  Surgery is expected to last about 12 hours.  I can't be there and it is killing me.  If my husband and I got in our car right now and started driving,  we might make it there sometime Friday night.  My daughter is there with her.  My daughter calls her, her aunt since I have known my friend before daughter was born.  My friend and her husband do not have any children.  To tell you how close we are,  my friends husband made my daughter power of attorney just in know the rest.   Why, because daughter would follow through with his wishes, wife would be too upset and his sister would faint.  At least her husband has a good sense of humor right now.   I am writing this as I feel totally useless here and right now it is in gods hands and the surgeon. 

We need all of your prayers and good thoughts right now.  We need the prayer chain.  I will post a update when I know one. 

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