Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Blue Haired Gang...........................She did WHAT !!!!!!!!!

When the dog and I go for our nightly walk we usually meet up with our friend Paula and her little dog.  We live in a 55 community and my friend is a phase director.  She has been telling me that the meetings are really getting out of control.  I mean way out of control.  They are so bad that the police have had to be called several times.  The residents are yelling and screaming and are leaning towards fist fights.  It seems that there are 2 groups of people and they are really going at one another.  The other night the police had to breakup the fight and he was like, I don't believe this.  This is an 55 and over community and you are acting like high school kids.  Now you are wondering how did this all start, it seems that the treasure (the lady that is in charge of the money from the bingo games, pot luck dinners, dances etc) has been keeping the money for the past 8 years.  Yes I did say the last 8 years.  She has not turned in any of that money.    The profits are to be used for fixing up the club houses, pool etc.   How has it gone on so long, who knows.  So the one group of people are her friends.  Maybe they are sharing the stolen money.  The other group is the group that wants to send her to jail.   I really need to attend one of these meetings. 

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