Monday, February 6, 2012

The Funny For The Day...................I don't believe I just did that

Today I stopped at the grocery store to get a loaf of bread.  To my suprise I did not have enough money in my wallet to get the bread.  No problem get out the debit card and since I needed some money I will just get $20.00 while I am at it.  Ok, I put in the 2 and poof the screen went blank.  What happened?  The clerk is like, lets just see how much money you are getting back.....yep that is right, I got 2 cents back.  Now mind you, there are people behind me and everyone had a good laugh.  The clerk told me to buy a candy bar so I could try again.  This time I got it right.  The moral of the story,   I got my 2 cents worth for the day.   Some days I am part of the blue haired gang. 

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