Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Prayer Chain update

To all of the wonderful people out there who are on the prayer chain, I have great news to report.  My best friends husband is going home from the hospital on Monday 2/6/12.  It is hard to believe how far this man has come.  The doctors are amazed by him.  When he went into the hospital, my best friend was told he would not survive and in fact he died.  If he wasn't on his way into the operating room for open heart surgery he would not be here.  His memory is back at now 99%, his kidneys are coming back but they are not yet up to full function.  He will be able to have home therapy or go to the hospital for therapy.  At first he was having to go to the nursing home for rehab and now he can come home.  My best friend has heard from friends of friends of friends all over the world that has heard about her husband and are praying for him.  This prayer chain has gone world wide.  Not only from my blog but her facebook page as well.  Never, never under estimate the power of prayer.  Each and everyone of you, have helped him, we will all be eternally grateful.   I will update when I have more news. 

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