Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Prayer Chain Update

Well everyone,  I was hoping that I did not have to do another update and start the prayer chain again but I do.  My best friends husband is back in the hospital.  It started last Tuesday.  He was feeling fine no problems when he went in for his daily infusion.  It seems his pulse rate was getting higher and higher so they put him in because of atrial flutter.  They had to go back in and freeze that part of the heart that was causing him problem.  Everything went fine and back home he goes.  We do know he will need a pace maker.  Yesterday when he went for his daily infusion they found he had a temp of 102 and fluid in the lungs.  At my last update they did not know if he had pneumonia and worse yet, they think his horrible infection that started this whole thing might be back.  With the super strong antibiotics they are giving him they hope it isn't back.   Back in the hospital he went.  He then got another flight for life flight to the heart hospital.  My best friend is on a roller coaster ride of her life.  As the best friend all you can do is sit and listen and pray.  We got him through this once with all of our prayers we can do it again.    Updates again when I get them.  

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