Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Funny For The Day...................Boy do we feel stupid

Since we have lived here we have always wanted to go to the coast.  The gulf of Mexico.  But it is far and it would be a day trip so we would have to board the dog etc.  Husband is time we just go.  He called AAA to get a trip ticket and map out directions, places to eat and stay.  AAA thought he was crazy but ok we will give you one.  Yesterday husband picked up the trip ticket and when he got home he decided to read it and plan out our big trip.  Notice I said BIG trip.  He just sat there and stared at it.  He then called me into the livingroom to discuss our plans.  He just looked at me with this silly grin.  Here it goes, are you ready....when you come out of the driveway turn right and then go about 35 miles and there you are at the Gulf Of Mexico.  I was like WHAT, 35 miles.  You mean to tell me all this time we thought it was a big trip.  Ok, on the map it looked farther then it really is.  Boy do we feel stupid.  Disney World is farther from our house than the Gulf Of Mexico. 

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