Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The funny for the day.............................match it, what a nightmare

I know I have been slow in adding a new story but this story is actually a complaint.  The other day I went grocery shopping with my coupons and match ad's in hand.  You know the place.  I have to set this up for you.  I was on the other end of the store when I remembered I forgot to get dog biscuits so I trucked all the way to the other end of the store.  I got my biscuits and decided to see how long the line was in the garden center to check out.  Now I did not have that many groceries but what I did have was the match items etc.  There was no one at the checkout so I thought great.  I even got another cart to put my bags in since the counter is short.  Still no one behind me.  I got all done and now it was my match ad items.  First the clerk says to me let me see the ad, now per the store rules you don't need to bring in the ad they will know it.  Lucky for me I always circle and hi lite what items and they are at the end of my cart so things move smoothly.  Now the clerk is taking her sweet time, oh I can't find it in the ad.  It is no good.  So I have to show her everything.  My big problem came with the buy one get one free.  That turned into a big nightmare.  She refused to do it.  I asked her to call for the manager and she refused.  Now the line behind me is starting to grow.  She was not being a good employee at all.  This is taking sometime and the line is growing longer and longer.  She is refusing to honor the store deal that we see on their store ad's all the time.  At one point she even says to me, I should have never come through the garden center and look what I have done.  The line is getting longer and longer.  It is all my fault.  Again, I ask her to call the manager and again she refuses.  Now another clerk shows up and they begin to talk about me how I am causing all of this trouble.  It is there store policy not mine.  Finally my bill gets rung up and it is $160.00.  Now there is no way in heck that my bill is $160.00.  I did not buy that much.  I ask to see the slip to make sure it is correct.  She turns the screen around so I can see it and she says....see it is all there it is correct.  She is like, just pay it.  I told her the money is coming out of my checkbook not her's and this is not right.  I was really suprised the people behind didn't start complaining.  I did not yell or cause a scene but my bill was not right.  I paid it and left.  Now when I got to my car I looked at my receipt and guess what....she did not take off any of the coupons or the buy one get one free.  I knew I was right.  I had to turn my cart around and go inside to customer service.  Mind you it is 90 degrees outside and my milk, butter eggs and icecream are getting warm and melting.  I am not a happy camper.  I went to customer service and showed them my receipt and my match ad's etc and they had to refund me the difference.  I still did not get angry or raise my voice but I did tell them I was not happy.  To be treated that way and to embarrass me in front of other customers was not a good thing.   By the time I got home I was fuming.  After I unpacked my groceries I did call the store and spoke with the manager.  I told her everything and how the clerk treated me and never did give me the discounts etc.  She said the employee will be talked to.  She also apologized up and down but still it did not makeup for what I went through.  Did she or will she talk with that clerk, who knows.  I did not mention the store by name, but I think you all know what store it was.  Will I shop there again, of course, but I will never go in that womens line again.

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