Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Funny For The Day......................Rain Rain Go Away

Our weather here has been beautiful low 70s high 80s no rain for weeks.  Our daughter and her husband come to Florida and what do they get....RAIN.  First of all our clock radio which is suppose to jump ahead with the time change did not, so we did not get up earlier enough to go have breakfast with them.  We had pouring rain for the hour and half drive to Disney oh just say rained all day.  I left her a message when we got to her hotel and said we are here.  We waited and she did not call back so I called and left another message that said we are getting on the bus to go to the Magic Kingdom, I will call again when we get there.  We are getting on the bus and just sitting down when my phone rings, she says do not get on the bus we are on our way back to the hotel because they are soaking wet and need to change.  I can barely hear her and I say, you want us to get off the bus and she said yes so we got up and got back off the bus.  People must have thought we were crazy.  They came back and changed and then we were off again this time wearing the famous Disney ponchos.  I had on a rain coat and rain hat.  I really looked adorable.  Yeah right,  I looked like my mother.  So we spent the day walking around in the rain.  We had a nice dinner at Tony's Town Square and then decided it was time to go home.  Now on Friday night on the way home we ran into a hour long backup delay on the highway.  We aren't too sure except for the fact that the electric road sign said all lanes closed used alternate route.  We couldn't get off so we were stuck.  We did come upon a over turned semi so there you have it.  Now tonight on the way home again with the electric sign,....all lanes closed use alternate route.  Oh no not again.   Sure enough, we get into the backup but this time we were in the right lane the exit came up and we got off.  Where who knows,  we saw places we never saw before.  Thank goodness for the gps or we would have been lost.   I just hope the kids have a sunny rest of their vacation and no rain.

Update.....On the news I heard at the backup was caused by a 25 car accident.  Between the rain, traffic due to spring break and daytona bike week starting it was just a mess. 

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