Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Funny For The Day.........................SHOPLIFTER

Today I went grocery shopping at my favorite Walmart and when I was leaving the store there in front of me was a women with a full cart of electronics trying to leave the store.  Well she didn't get too far before the police nabbed her.  Yes she was shoplifting the whole cart of electronics.  Some people are just so bold.  Oh there was about 8 kids, I call them kids they looked to be high school age all dressed in black, baggy pants, piercing up the wazoo and tattooted to the hilt.  You get the picture.  Surrounding her, besides the cop.  I had to stand there because I could not get around them.  I then saw it.  All of these so called kids had the chains around there necks and hanging from the chains were there police badges.  21 Jump Street all over.  The undercover cops are getting younger all the time.  Next time you go to the store and you think those wild looking punks are just punks, think again some of them just might be police officers.  The embarrassing thing is when I could pass my pizza crust slid out of my cart and I had to chase it down.  When I got outside of the store blocking the front of the store was, yes you guessed it 4 more of those so called kids all dressed in black and the girl had purple hair. 

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