Saturday, March 24, 2012

The funny for the day...............................Silly dog

In the center of the park there is a water pumping station surrounded by a chain link fence.  Every dog that walks the park has to walk around the fence and mark that he or she has been there.  This morning while I was walking the dog and he was doing his mark somehow he managed to put his leg through the chain link fence.  This of course scared him and when he tried to pull his leg out it got caught and he fell down.  Screaming like he was being murdered.  The good news is, he was not hurt but he would not even come close to the fence anymore.  Tonight when we went for our walk and he came to the park, he stopped looked into the park and saw the fence and gave it a very dirty look.  He wouldn't even go into the park instead we walked on the road.  I presume he will keep this up until he see's another dog mark the fence. 

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