Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Funny For The Day...............................Suprise

Our daughter and her husband are on vacation at Disney World in Florida.  Before they came her husband was talking to his parents who live in Port Charlotte.  They were going to come up for the day and visit with them at Disney.  His mother then decided that it would be too long of a day to drive home so they would just spend the night with them in their hotel room.  Daughter was like, hell no.  Tell your mom we only have 1 bed. Mother-in law replied all of the rooms have 2 beds and we will just stay with you.  Daughter said if they do that, then I am going just take my happy little butt down to the concierge desk and get my own room.  They have now decided that they will drive home, so all is good.  So yesterday when daughter and son-in-law came we decided to suprise them and be there at the hotel when they arrived.  We brought our suitcases so when they came we would just tell them we decided to stay in their room.  :)  We got to the hotel and we were sitting on the bench right by the door so when they got off the bus from the airport they would see us sitting there with our suitcases.  The bus arrived and we watched everyone get off the bus.  But no daughter :(.  So we decided to get a soda and just wait for the next bus to arrive.  As husband and I were walking past the check-in desks we heard Mom, Dad what are you doing here?  We were like, how did you get past us?  Our daughter went right past us and we didn't even see her.  She must have been hidden behind the crowd that came in all at once.  So the suprise that was suppose to be on her was on us.  Her husband was outside still getting the suitcases off the bus so he missed the effect of the suitcases.  Daughter just rolled her eyes and knew we were kidding.  So much for that.  We did have a nice lunch with them and we went to Epcot together for awhile before we left them.  Tomarrow we are going to meet for breakfast and then do the Magic Kingdom and have supper at Tony's Town Square.  It will be a fun day. 

So today all the stuff that would have been done yesterday I had to cram into today.  I did make oatmeal raisin cookies today.  I would share the recipe but it can be found on any Quaker Oatmeal box. 

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