Friday, March 23, 2012

The funny for the day..........................the beach is closed

We went to the gulf yesterday and it was a beautiful day for a small trip.  We went to Crystal Springs beach which is on the gulf but the beach was closed for resanding.  Yes they clean the sand and resand for the sand that has been lost due to storms etc.  We couldn't go on the beach but instead had to stand on the bluffs.  I did see fish jumping out of the water and pelicans etc.  I told my husband too bad that I forgot to take a jar so I could take some sand for a souvenir.  He just gave me the strangest look and said what do you think is in our backyard?  Hello..............I forgot that our backyard is mostly sand.  I still find it strange when I am in the backyard and I find seashells.  Just think those shells are thousands of years old from when this area was all underwater.  We had a nice dinner at Stumpknockers which is on the river.  You can eat next to the river and watch the gators in the water or sunnying themselves on the grass.  You can also take a river boat ride to see the gators up close.  Way to close for me.  Homemade food and desserts.  Great day.

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