Friday, March 16, 2012

The Blue Haired Gang.....................The old guy is a pot head

This mornings walk with Helmsley the dog was interesting to say the least.   We met at the park Jim and his dog Giggie.  Jim is telling me he has not beeing sleeping good at night.  I told him do what my doctor says and take a benadryl at night.  He says that is what alot of old people do.  He said no that doesn't work for him.  What he does need is to smoke some marijuana that always help.  But he doesn't know where to buy it and he really doesn't have any friends with connections.  Oh, he says he only smokes it to help him sleep but when he was younger he smoked all the time.  Ok your an old pot head.  He keeps pressing the issue and how it is illegal in Florida.  Finally I told him, why don't you just move to California where it is legal.  He says I thought about it, but is it really a good idea to move there just for marijuana.  Oh heaven help me, let me get away from this guy.  After telling him, I really have to go now, he just kept talking and talking, I finally just turned and walked away from.  He did not get it that he was sharing way to much with me.    I just realized that when we were walking down the road to the park he was just sitting in his car and when we finally got close to where he was he and his dog got out of the car.  That old goof was waiting for us since we walk every morning at that time.   I guess it is time to change my routine.

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