Monday, April 30, 2012

Before my neighbors left yesterday morning to go back home I went over to say good bye.  They were sad to leave also.  The husband was complaining that they are taking home more than they came with.  I said why don't you just leave it here as you will need to when you come back down. (It was just stupid stuff like a wood drying rack etc)  He just rolled his eyes at me.  I asked his wife why not just put it in your new house?  She said no she didn't trust her stuff left in the house while they were gone.  I am thinking what are you going to do take the furniture home with you also.  Then she was oh I have something for you, comes the gallon of icecream, lettuce, tomatos, bread, pie etc until I had my arms full of groceries.  Then she said do you like this?  it was a brand new large bottle of dove body wash.  Yes I said but I told her to take it with her.  She said no, there was way too much stuff in the car and her husband would not let her take one more thing.  With no place to put it since my arms were already full, I said here stick it under my arm pit.  Hey you do what you have to do.  Last night was really sad when I went to took Helmsley out for his nightly business and there was no one yelling at me from across the fence about what we did for the day or what was on our favorite tv shows.  I really miss the,  I baked a pie today let me get you some.   I never I thought I would miss talking over the fence so much.  Until next year. 

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