Thursday, April 5, 2012

The funny for the day.......................He peed on the man's leg

Tonight while Helmsley and I were at the park the funniest thing happened. There is a man at the park (he is the pot head I told you about in a previous story). He has a dalmation dog named slim. Slim is never on a leash because the man thinks it is cruel because dogs like to be dogs and run free in the breeze. Well, the pot head man was talking with another man and here comes Slim....Slim comes up to the man (not the pot head) and lifts he leg and pee's on his leg. The good thing was the man was wearing jeans. I laughed so hard......It seems I was the only one laughing everyone else was appalled. Mr pot head never said a word to his dog or even to the man. He never even apologized. He just kept right on talking and acted like it was a every day thing. I think Mr pot head has been banned from the park. Let me say this again, he is a senior man that has fried his brains, because he is a pot head.

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