Saturday, April 28, 2012

The funny for the day...........will you take pity on me

It is that time of year.  Our neighbors are heading home.  It is kinda sad when all of the snow birds go home.  It is very quiet around here.  I will miss my new neighbor Ginny and her husband.  We have alot in common and we talk alot.  In the morning we go across the street and visit with our other neighbor and have coffee.  At night if we are out at the same time letting the dogs do their business we stand and talk over the fence.  Yes we do that.  People use to do those things but not so much anymore.  It won't be the same next year as they were only renting the house next door.  They did buy a house but it is several blocks over, so no talking over the fence anymore.  We told them everyone took a vote and you cannot leave us and go cheat on us with new neighbors. :)  Today they took everyones picture as it was the end of there time as snow birds together.  It was funny this afternoon Ginny came over and said do you think your husband will take pity on me?  I was like what? and then I realized she had a empty coffee cup and her K cup for the Keurig in her hand.  Her Keurig coffee maker was not working and she wanted a cup of coffee.  So husband got out his Keurig and made her a cup of coffee.  It was like the old routine you use to see on Lucy when Lucy would borrow a cup of sugar from Ethel.   Tonight Ginny brought over a carrot cake and a gallon of ice cream for us.  Until next year, have a safe trip home. 

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