Sunday, April 29, 2012

There is a fancy farm behind our house,  I mean fountains, swimming pool etc.  It is owned by a Doctor.  He has over 5 acres and at the begining of the year there were 4 goats and 3 black angus steers.  The goats are gone and so have 2 of the steers.  We figure they are now on the dinner table.  But they did leave 1 lonely steer, miss heffer.  She would just roam all 5 acres by herself.  It is so sad.  Every day when Helmsley the dog and I go walking we would stop at the fence and talk to her.  This morning she was mooing at us like crazy and really telling us a story.  A friend of ours and his dog came to the park so we were talking to them and when I turned around because miss heffer was really talking we saw miss heffer now miss cow had a baby.  It was born between last night and this morning.  Since there was no baby yesterday.  At first they were right at the fence so we could get a real good look.  It is so tiny and its little legs wobble.  Again no camera with me so I went home and when I came back they had moved farther away so the picture is not a closeup.  Hopefully tonight they will be back at the fence so I can get a real good picture.  We do have a answer to our question, why did they take the other 2 steers away and not her.  She was lucky because she was going to have a baby. 

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