Thursday, May 31, 2012

catlady531 on etsy has what you are looking for

catlady531 on Etsy has alot of merchandise that is not up for sale yet in her shop.  If you are looking for something anything from knick knacks to clothing just ask.  I just might have it.  It is the old story way too much stuff and not enough time. 

catlady531 on etsy does accept offers

Catlady531 on Etsy does accept offers.  If you feel an item is alittle over priced you can always make an offer.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I think there is a alien creature in my basement

My daughter called me last night all in a panic.  She was scared because there was this big brown thing hanging from the rafter in the basement and she was afraid to go downstairs. She said it looked like the creature from the movie Alien and she had visions of it clamping onto her face.  I said, ok honey how big is it.  She replied about the size of my hand. first thought was somehow a bat got into the basement, but I dare not tell her that.  Ok honey would you like me to come over and look at it.  Yes, would you.  Ok, I will be right over.  Now on my ride over to the house (It is only 5 minutes away) I tried to figure out how we were going to get a bat out of the basement.  I got to the house and took a deep breath before going down the basement.  I asked where is it,  she pointed over there..pointing up to the rafter.   When I finally saw it, I just stared at it.  What in the world is this thing that is as big as your hand.  I mean it looks like a hand.  It had a big fat round center with 5 fat (I mean as big around as your little finger) brown furry legs.  I told her get me a flashlight so I can get a better look at this thing.  Now with the light on it I am really staring at it.  Since I grew up in this house I am amazed that I never saw this thing before.   I am tapping it with the flashlight and of course it does not move.  It looks like a giant petrified spider right out of a horror movie.  I then see a tiny little clamp and I just laughed.  What I was looking at was a grouping of old phone wire that had been clamped off.  Mind you the house was built in 1927 and cloth covered wire was used back then and over the years it had gotten furry with age.  As I stated before, I never noticed it.  You see something new everyday.   

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Foxie Loxie has moved in

My daughter and her husband live in my parents house.  The house is in the city. The backyard is just a simple backyard.  It has the usual rose bushes and flowers in planters and a couple of lilac bushes.  But over the years the backyard has become home to many creatures.  When I was a kid there came to live a owl and a whopping crane.  Yes I said whopping crane and where it came from no one knows.  Oh there was the usual skunk and bunny rabbits.  After I got married and moved out mom would get ducks that would build there nests under the lilac bushes.  Now that daughter has lived in the house the possum family has moved in.  She really is not crazy about them and has tried to get them to move but they like it there.  Now 2 weeks ago she saw daddy fox crossing the street in front of her house.  Last week her little dog was in the back part of the house and she came running at full speed growling and barking like a wild beast into the sunroom.  Daughter decided she better look out the window and find out what little dog was going crazy over.  There walking down the driveway was momma fox and her babies.  Yes the fox family is now living in the backyard.  Daughter is really not happy about this considering she has a little dog and the fox is bigger than the dog.  Now foxie loxie is leaving presents for my daughter at the back door.  No it is not that kind of presents.  The presents the fox is leaving at the back door is the dead carcass's of the critters she eats in the backyard.  Mice or rabbits etc.  Daughter hasn't figured out if the fox is trying to make friends and these are gifts or is the fox trying to warn little dog, this is going to happen to you if you don't stay out of my yard.   We will find out what this means and I will update the story of foxie loxie and her family when I know something. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

It is time to say goodbye to my 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix

The time has come for me to say goodbye to my 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix.  The car belonged to my aunt.  She bought it brand new in 1995 at that time she was 85 years old.  It was red and all tricked out.  My aunt was one sassy lady.  My uncle had passed away several years before and she bought the car for the sole purpose of driving to Florida with my mom to visit their older sister.  Older sister was 90 at that time.  My aunt did all of the driving and they had a wonderful trip.  After leaving Florida they traveled to South Carolina to visit some friends and after several other stops they finally came home.  After that, the car truely became the car that was driven by the little old lady to church on Sundays.  It really didn't get another chance to drive on the open road and feel the wind across its hood.  The car was treated like a queen.  My aunt loved that car.  When my aunt turned 90 it was time for her to stop driving.  Oh she was still a excellent driver but it was time.  My aunt then sold me her beloved car.  It was hard for her but I always made sure when we went anywhere I would always take her car.  My aunt loved that.  She had it for 5 years and there was only 18,000 miles on it.  I drove it to work and it made several more trips to Florida and endless shopping trips.  It was a very good car but over the last couple of years it mostly sat in the garage and was stored over the winter.  Last year it was driven only 264 miles.  Last year when we took it out of storage my husband opened the hood to connect the battery and there sitting on the engine was a mouse.  The mouse just stared and him and would not move.  This was his home now.  After some time my husband finally got the mouse to move.  Well the car was not running right so we took it to the shop to have it checked out.  The mechanic called us and said do you know what is in your air cleaner?  No why would seems Mr Mouse was using the air cleaner for storage of his nuts, seeds etc.  Everything that mice like to eat.  Oh, Mr Mouse did other damage so several hundred dollars later the car was running again.  This year when the car came out of storage it really was not happy so back to the mechanic it went.  This time it was not good.  What didn't need to be replaced, from the head gasket down to the muffler.  Being stored is not good for a car.  The car was going to cost more to get it road safe then the blue book value of the car.  I do not have that kind of money laying around to put into a car that probably would cost more again next year.  Also I had to redo the plates next month.   The mechanic said I know a guy that will buy the car for parts so we called him and with a heavy heart I sold her to him.  She only had 116,750 miles on her.  She was dying of old age.  I watched the man put her on the truck and I told him be nice to her.  I know you are going to use her for parts but be gentle.  On the good side my husband told me the guy that bought her had a engine just waiting for her so maybe she will live again to feel the wind blowing across her hood.  Dedicated to my 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mothers Day.........Share Your Story

Happy Mothers Day to all.  Mothers Day is very special and for those of us whose Mothers have passed it is a happy and yet sad day.  I am a mother so for me it is a happy day.  I cannot imagine my life without my daughter.  She is a wonderful person and has a heart of gold.  On the other hand my mother has passed so it is hard not to be with her.  As I have stated in the past one of the hardest parts of the day is not giving her a Mothers Day present so tomarrow I will go to the cemetary with bird seed and a cut up orange to give her.  She loved feeding the birds so the birds will bring joy to her as they eat your seed and orange.  My dad died when I was 14 so basically my whole life it was mom and me.  I am a only child.  Mom quit working when she married my dad.  It was 1949 and that is what new brides did.  They quit work so the men that were coming back from the war could have jobs.  My mother did not know how to drive either.  So when my dad died she had to get a job and learn how to drive.  She did not have it easy.  She worked long hard hours sometimes working a double shift just to keep the house going and to put food on the table.  She worked every holiday because of the time and a half it paid.  She made sure everything was taken care of.  My mother was the kindest sweetest little lady you could ever meet.  She never said a bad word about anybody.  Nor did she swear.  She was prim and proper.  My mothers friends were friends that she made in grade school.  They were life long friends.  My mother was always there for me and later on I was there for her.  She always hated when towards the end of her life I had to take care of her.  She said it is not suppose to be this way.  I told her,  you always took care of me and now it is my time to take care of you.  I did not mind.  My mom was very special and I miss her every hour of the day.  She still sends me little messages to let me know she was still here for me.  I ended up buying my parents house because I could not bear to sell it. (Why did I have to buy my own house that has been paid off since 1968 because my mother never put my name on the title so in order to pay for the nursing home the house had to be sold.)  It was their house and my dad was so proud when he bought it.  My mother lived in that house for over 60 years.  Today my daughter and her husband live in it and a couple of weeks ago my daughter decided that the 1964 butterfly wallpaper in the bathroom had to go.  When she took the wallpaper down  there written on the wall was a note from my mother stating when she put the paper up and how much it cost etc.  There also was a personal note to me.  I think she figured that someday I would be taking the paper down.  It said I love you honey, Mom.  As I am tying this I am crying wishing she was here.  Yes daughter took a picture of it and saved me all of the butterfly wallpaper.  What I am going to do with it, I do not know.  I must tell you, I will not let her take down the pink tile, that will stay forever.  So to my mom I say I love you and miss you.  To my daughter I say without you my life would not be complete.

If you have a story that you would like to share about your mom,  please post a comment so everyone will know how special your mom was. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Traveling with 1 big dog and 2 cats is really a trip

You really haven't lived until you travel 2 days and 1200 miles in a small car with 1 large dog and 2 cats.  The dog is a season traveler so he knows what he has to do.  He is so smart about this it is not funny.   My little black cat who is scared of everthing and really does not have a brain in her little head either hides under the seat the whole trip or sits in the cat pan.  The queen will bellow for 2 days so we have to give her kittie zanex to keep her calm so she does not bellow and when I say bellow I do mean loud.  Now since she is a queen she either has to ride on my lap or sit on the floor between my legs.  I also have to have a scarf draped over her so the sun does not get into her eyes.  Mind you these 2 cats eat very little for 2 days and they refuse to use the moving potty (There is a cat pan in the car behind the drives seat) so when we get to the hotel the first thing I have to do is get the potty all set up before I get them into the room.  The minute they get into the room they fly to the toilet.  When we pull into rest areas people just laugh at our traveling zoo.  When we get off the interstate on the last part of the trip to our house the kids just come alive and just start snorting and sniffing.  They call smell in the air that we are home.  The time in the car has finally come to a end.  That is until we decide to do it all over again.

AT&T never called me back...I guess they didn't want my business

Well......I tried for over a week to get a supervisor to call me back as to why I cannot have my dsl back.  With the current speed they were offering on the u-verse we would not be able to upload movies on dish.  As I stated before my download time for a movie was about 25 hours.  The u-verse speed they were offering me was one step above dial up.  Are you kidding me.......Finally with a heavy heart I gave up on AT&T which broke my heart.  I also gave up dish and went to Time Warner.  I think I waited long enough since I did not have any internet for a week. 

AT&T if you read this and want to finally give me an answer send me a email.  I think I will be waiting a very long time.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Do you have a drip system?

The other day when Helmsley and I went for our walk we passed this one house and there was water running down the hill in front of the house.   I just stood there watching this water running down the hill and I finally decided I better go talk to the guy that owns the house.  I rang the door bell and when he came out (he is a rather large man with a belly that looks like he is 12 months pregnant)  he had on no shirt and tiny little shorts and wears a black patch over one eye.  I asked him do you have a drip system to water your plants and replied NO I have a hose.  I said oh ok the reason why I asked is you have water running down the hill in front of your house.  He replied oh no and went to look at it.  He just stood there and shook his head.  He opened up the water meter box and realized there was a leak in the water line.   The water line that goes to the pipe that is sticking out of the ground in front of his house.  It seems they were going to put in a fountain a long time ago and never did so the pipe was capped.  Well it is now leaking.  I told him you know with the price of water down here you either are going to have a very large water bill or a swimming pool in your front yard.  When we came back about 45 minutes later there he was with his shovel digging up the water pipe that goes no where.  He thanked me for telling him because if I hadn't like I said he would have had a swimming pool in his front yard.   

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Come on AT&T give me back my dsl

I am in the process of moving so if you are one of my Esty customers and wondering where I am, I will be back as soon as AT&T gives me back my dsl so I can use my computer.  Hopefully it will only be a week.

I WANT TO SCREAM.....................I had dsl for my internet and then I cancelled it when we came to Florida.  Now I am going back home and they won't give me back my dsl.  Why because they are now running u-verse.  The problem with that is they only have the internet side done and not the tv side. With that the speed is so slow it is right above dial up and if you want to down load a movie on dish it takes about 24 hours.  Yes I said 24 hours.  Now when I want to use my computer that darn little circle just goes around and around and stares at me.  I tried to get ahold of AT&T yesterday for about 5-6 hours.  I finally got someone to give me a supervisor callback and I told him, right as if that is going to happen.  I told him you and I both know you never get a callback.  When I was working, if I told a customer I was going to give them a callback I did.  Oh yes it is now over 24 hours and did I get that callback NO... I was bounced around from state to state and state to state.  I wanted to bang my head on the wall.  I don't want to do it but they are forcing me to go to Time Warner.   

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My 1966 J C Pennys fabric muu muu

I bought this fabric on Etsy and I am so excited about it.  (The penny is to show size of fabric).  I know you are looking at it and thinking ok this is ugly.   The year is 1966 and I am in jr high.  It was my first home economics class and my first sewing project was to make a dress.  Ok, I confess we had to make a muu muu.  Yes I did say muu muu.  Mom and I took the bus downtown to J C Penneys so I could get some fabric to make this muu muu.  At one time Penneys did sell fabric.  They had a whole yard goods dept.  I was so excited to make my first dress.  I picked out this material.  I will never forget it.  How could you, it is so ugly.  The muu muu had an elastic neck and puff sleeves with elastic cuffs giving the sleeves a ruffle look.  What I don't remember is was it knee or floor length.  I think it was knee length.  I look back at it now and it is like, what was I thinking.  I was 12 what did I know.  It was colorful and fun.  Just like me.   What am I going to make out of this fabric?  I do not know.  Maybe I will frame it. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mama's little boy is so cute

We can now tell from the picture that Mrs Cow's little baby is a boy.  Isn't he cute.  You can also see the difference in size.   People are coming to the park just to see the baby.   I was talking to her so she turned around and decided to watch me, watch her.