Friday, May 4, 2012

Do you have a drip system?

The other day when Helmsley and I went for our walk we passed this one house and there was water running down the hill in front of the house.   I just stood there watching this water running down the hill and I finally decided I better go talk to the guy that owns the house.  I rang the door bell and when he came out (he is a rather large man with a belly that looks like he is 12 months pregnant)  he had on no shirt and tiny little shorts and wears a black patch over one eye.  I asked him do you have a drip system to water your plants and replied NO I have a hose.  I said oh ok the reason why I asked is you have water running down the hill in front of your house.  He replied oh no and went to look at it.  He just stood there and shook his head.  He opened up the water meter box and realized there was a leak in the water line.   The water line that goes to the pipe that is sticking out of the ground in front of his house.  It seems they were going to put in a fountain a long time ago and never did so the pipe was capped.  Well it is now leaking.  I told him you know with the price of water down here you either are going to have a very large water bill or a swimming pool in your front yard.  When we came back about 45 minutes later there he was with his shovel digging up the water pipe that goes no where.  He thanked me for telling him because if I hadn't like I said he would have had a swimming pool in his front yard.   

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