Sunday, May 20, 2012

Foxie Loxie has moved in

My daughter and her husband live in my parents house.  The house is in the city. The backyard is just a simple backyard.  It has the usual rose bushes and flowers in planters and a couple of lilac bushes.  But over the years the backyard has become home to many creatures.  When I was a kid there came to live a owl and a whopping crane.  Yes I said whopping crane and where it came from no one knows.  Oh there was the usual skunk and bunny rabbits.  After I got married and moved out mom would get ducks that would build there nests under the lilac bushes.  Now that daughter has lived in the house the possum family has moved in.  She really is not crazy about them and has tried to get them to move but they like it there.  Now 2 weeks ago she saw daddy fox crossing the street in front of her house.  Last week her little dog was in the back part of the house and she came running at full speed growling and barking like a wild beast into the sunroom.  Daughter decided she better look out the window and find out what little dog was going crazy over.  There walking down the driveway was momma fox and her babies.  Yes the fox family is now living in the backyard.  Daughter is really not happy about this considering she has a little dog and the fox is bigger than the dog.  Now foxie loxie is leaving presents for my daughter at the back door.  No it is not that kind of presents.  The presents the fox is leaving at the back door is the dead carcass's of the critters she eats in the backyard.  Mice or rabbits etc.  Daughter hasn't figured out if the fox is trying to make friends and these are gifts or is the fox trying to warn little dog, this is going to happen to you if you don't stay out of my yard.   We will find out what this means and I will update the story of foxie loxie and her family when I know something. 

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