Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mothers Day.........Share Your Story

Happy Mothers Day to all.  Mothers Day is very special and for those of us whose Mothers have passed it is a happy and yet sad day.  I am a mother so for me it is a happy day.  I cannot imagine my life without my daughter.  She is a wonderful person and has a heart of gold.  On the other hand my mother has passed so it is hard not to be with her.  As I have stated in the past one of the hardest parts of the day is not giving her a Mothers Day present so tomarrow I will go to the cemetary with bird seed and a cut up orange to give her.  She loved feeding the birds so the birds will bring joy to her as they eat your seed and orange.  My dad died when I was 14 so basically my whole life it was mom and me.  I am a only child.  Mom quit working when she married my dad.  It was 1949 and that is what new brides did.  They quit work so the men that were coming back from the war could have jobs.  My mother did not know how to drive either.  So when my dad died she had to get a job and learn how to drive.  She did not have it easy.  She worked long hard hours sometimes working a double shift just to keep the house going and to put food on the table.  She worked every holiday because of the time and a half it paid.  She made sure everything was taken care of.  My mother was the kindest sweetest little lady you could ever meet.  She never said a bad word about anybody.  Nor did she swear.  She was prim and proper.  My mothers friends were friends that she made in grade school.  They were life long friends.  My mother was always there for me and later on I was there for her.  She always hated when towards the end of her life I had to take care of her.  She said it is not suppose to be this way.  I told her,  you always took care of me and now it is my time to take care of you.  I did not mind.  My mom was very special and I miss her every hour of the day.  She still sends me little messages to let me know she was still here for me.  I ended up buying my parents house because I could not bear to sell it. (Why did I have to buy my own house that has been paid off since 1968 because my mother never put my name on the title so in order to pay for the nursing home the house had to be sold.)  It was their house and my dad was so proud when he bought it.  My mother lived in that house for over 60 years.  Today my daughter and her husband live in it and a couple of weeks ago my daughter decided that the 1964 butterfly wallpaper in the bathroom had to go.  When she took the wallpaper down  there written on the wall was a note from my mother stating when she put the paper up and how much it cost etc.  There also was a personal note to me.  I think she figured that someday I would be taking the paper down.  It said I love you honey, Mom.  As I am tying this I am crying wishing she was here.  Yes daughter took a picture of it and saved me all of the butterfly wallpaper.  What I am going to do with it, I do not know.  I must tell you, I will not let her take down the pink tile, that will stay forever.  So to my mom I say I love you and miss you.  To my daughter I say without you my life would not be complete.

If you have a story that you would like to share about your mom,  please post a comment so everyone will know how special your mom was. 

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