Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I think there is a alien creature in my basement

My daughter called me last night all in a panic.  She was scared because there was this big brown thing hanging from the rafter in the basement and she was afraid to go downstairs. She said it looked like the creature from the movie Alien and she had visions of it clamping onto her face.  I said, ok honey how big is it.  She replied about the size of my hand. first thought was somehow a bat got into the basement, but I dare not tell her that.  Ok honey would you like me to come over and look at it.  Yes, would you.  Ok, I will be right over.  Now on my ride over to the house (It is only 5 minutes away) I tried to figure out how we were going to get a bat out of the basement.  I got to the house and took a deep breath before going down the basement.  I asked where is it,  she pointed over there..pointing up to the rafter.   When I finally saw it, I just stared at it.  What in the world is this thing that is as big as your hand.  I mean it looks like a hand.  It had a big fat round center with 5 fat (I mean as big around as your little finger) brown furry legs.  I told her get me a flashlight so I can get a better look at this thing.  Now with the light on it I am really staring at it.  Since I grew up in this house I am amazed that I never saw this thing before.   I am tapping it with the flashlight and of course it does not move.  It looks like a giant petrified spider right out of a horror movie.  I then see a tiny little clamp and I just laughed.  What I was looking at was a grouping of old phone wire that had been clamped off.  Mind you the house was built in 1927 and cloth covered wire was used back then and over the years it had gotten furry with age.  As I stated before, I never noticed it.  You see something new everyday.   


  1. That is so funny! Our imaginations can scare us more than any scary movie can.

    Great story!

  2. I am glad you enjoyed the story. My daughter is now leaving the light on in the basement all of the time. She just wants to make sure.