Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My 1966 J C Pennys fabric muu muu

I bought this fabric on Etsy and I am so excited about it.  (The penny is to show size of fabric).  I know you are looking at it and thinking ok this is ugly.   The year is 1966 and I am in jr high.  It was my first home economics class and my first sewing project was to make a dress.  Ok, I confess we had to make a muu muu.  Yes I did say muu muu.  Mom and I took the bus downtown to J C Penneys so I could get some fabric to make this muu muu.  At one time Penneys did sell fabric.  They had a whole yard goods dept.  I was so excited to make my first dress.  I picked out this material.  I will never forget it.  How could you, it is so ugly.  The muu muu had an elastic neck and puff sleeves with elastic cuffs giving the sleeves a ruffle look.  What I don't remember is was it knee or floor length.  I think it was knee length.  I look back at it now and it is like, what was I thinking.  I was 12 what did I know.  It was colorful and fun.  Just like me.   What am I going to make out of this fabric?  I do not know.  Maybe I will frame it. 

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