Thursday, May 10, 2012

Traveling with 1 big dog and 2 cats is really a trip

You really haven't lived until you travel 2 days and 1200 miles in a small car with 1 large dog and 2 cats.  The dog is a season traveler so he knows what he has to do.  He is so smart about this it is not funny.   My little black cat who is scared of everthing and really does not have a brain in her little head either hides under the seat the whole trip or sits in the cat pan.  The queen will bellow for 2 days so we have to give her kittie zanex to keep her calm so she does not bellow and when I say bellow I do mean loud.  Now since she is a queen she either has to ride on my lap or sit on the floor between my legs.  I also have to have a scarf draped over her so the sun does not get into her eyes.  Mind you these 2 cats eat very little for 2 days and they refuse to use the moving potty (There is a cat pan in the car behind the drives seat) so when we get to the hotel the first thing I have to do is get the potty all set up before I get them into the room.  The minute they get into the room they fly to the toilet.  When we pull into rest areas people just laugh at our traveling zoo.  When we get off the interstate on the last part of the trip to our house the kids just come alive and just start snorting and sniffing.  They call smell in the air that we are home.  The time in the car has finally come to a end.  That is until we decide to do it all over again.

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