Wednesday, June 6, 2012

AAA is ripping us off again

In todays mail we got a letter from AAA regarding our home owners insurance.  It stated that when your policy comes up for renewal in September one of the items that is going to be taken out is the hurricane coverage for carports and Florida rooms that are made out of aluminum. can buy additional insurance a rider for those items.  WHAT....I have it then you are going to take it away and let me have it again at an additional premium.  We called AAA and asked about this and wanted to know is this a AAA thing or is this a Florida thing.  The person could not answer that question, they will get back to us on that.  Also,  our deductible per AAA is $2500.00 and now they are raising it to $3000.00.  Either which way you look at this we are getting screwed.  You can file a claim but you won't get anything because they keep raising the deductible or you can pay more for the rider and you still won't get anything when you file a claim.  We need to find out some answers before we start looking for another insurance provider.  The good thing is the sink hole clause still remains.  I guess if my house gets blown away by a hurricane I better dig a big hole so it gets sucked up by a sink hole.  I will be covered then. 

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