Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Do you want to be my friend?

When the dog and I went for our walk today we passed the house where a big german shepard dog lives.  He was in the driveway which has a cyclone gate fence.  He barks at us and jumps.  I can tell by the way he jumps, it is only about 6 inches that he is old and probably has bad hips.  Today was different.  He was barking at us and then ran back towards the yard when he came back he had in his mouth a large furry dog toy that looked like a ground hog and it squeeked.  He was looking at Helmsley (my dog) and waging his tail and squeeking his toy.  He then put it down on the ground barked at us, picked it back up and squeeked it again.  I finally figued out he was telling Helmsley do you want to be my friend and play with my squeeker toy.  Please, Please be my friend,  lets play.   It was just too darn cute. 

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