Saturday, June 30, 2012

It is time for us to breakup

My daughter is one of the funniest people I have ever met.  She has a way with words that really crack me up.  Her car is 10 years old and has a 160,000 miles on it and she really needs a new car.  Before I go any further with this story I have to tell you the car she had before this one had about 230,000 miles on it when she said goodbye to it.  Two weeks ago she took her car in for its oil change and the mechanic told her she needed a new serpentine belt.  That was a $100.00 dollar bill.  Now we all told her the next thing to go was going to be the alternator but she knew better.  Now she travels alot for her job so she really has to have a dependable car.  On thursday she was way out of town on business when her car started doing weird things.  She called her husband and said what do I do?  He said turn around and get home to the nearest car dealership to get your car looked at.  Ok,  drivers ed 101 turn off the air conditioning and radio to save the battery.  Mind you it is 100 degrees outside.  She is dressed in work clothes so by the time she got back into town she was a sweaty mess.  We now get a call from daughter and the first thing she says is, can I talk to father.  Humm, she called her dad father which means something is up.  Now I hear husband laughing hysterically.  Yup,  the alternator went in the car.  Which is another $400.00.  We told her 2 weeks ago this was going to happen and did she listen NO.  Now she is at the point where she has to buy a new car before this one makes her broke.  Her husband and her parents have been telling her for a year that she has to buy a new car.  Now what makes this story ever more bizarre is her husband works for a car dealership.  One of the biggest in the state.  While daughter was going to college she worked at a car dealership also so getting a good deal is not the issue she just can't part with this car.  As I stated the previous car was past the point of retirement and she wouldn't buy a new one, so the general manager of the dealership she worked at picked out a car and said here this is your new car.  You don't have a choice in this just sign the papers.  They practically gave the car to her.  If I told you what they sold the car to her for, you would all fall off your chairs.  Back to the story.  After the alternator was fixed she decided to look for a car.  She told me it is ok mom I had a long talk with the car and told it, it was time for us to break up.  I am now mad at you and our relationship is over.  Really,  now I am laughing hysterically.  Her husband is past the point of having any patience with her, because she is really picky when it comes to getting a new car.  I will look at this one...she gets in turns over the engine and says no and gets out.  WHAT?  no fuzzy feeling here.  Now her husband has picked out a really nice car for her and she likes it...but no fuzzy feeling and says no I am not ready to get into a long term relationship with it.  We don't mesh.  Daughter are you going to trade in your old car?  and have strangers driving my car no I am giving it to father to tinker with.  Oh goodie.   Daughter did test drive a bunch of cars today but still no fuzzy feeling.  I will keep you posted on the search for the perfect car. 

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