Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It is way too hot outside for the cat

The temp today is pushing 94 and the queen of a cat wants to go outside.  I said no it is way too hot.  She proceeded to protest saying she didn't care.  I finally gave in and told her go outside and see for yourself.  Don't worry she cannot leave the yard as we have a 8 foot fence.  I kept my eye on her.  First she was under a chair resting in the shade then she moved to the porch still in the shade.  About 6 minutes outside there she was bellowing at the door to come inside.  I said what too hot outside?  She then turned to me and gave me a very dirty look and immediately flopped and layed down on the cool kitchen floor.  It was like ok you win.  It is too hot outside.  Well that shut her up for the day. 

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