Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Its raining cats and dogs

This afternoon I saw the police car had the street blocked on romayne ave and jacato drive so I decided to go see what it was all about.  As I was walking to the corner I could hear loud laughter and kids screaming with delight.  I thought oh they didn't did they?....Now keep in mind it is 90+ outside and sure enough when I rounded the corner the fire truck was there shooting water high up into the air and the fireman had the fire hose out showering the kids with water.  Not only little kids but big kids and adults were playing in the showering water that was coming from the truck.  Keep in mind most of these kids have never even ran through a sprinkler.  They were also handing out popsicles.  There was one little boy and that came up to me and with sheer joy on his face and  voice he said....it is raining cats and dogs.  He then went on to tell me a whole story which most of I didn't get because he was talking so fast.  He was so excited.  The police officers that work the cop house are trying really hard to make Jacato drive better and to give the kids something to do other than get into trouble.  It was really fun watching the kids have so much fun.

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