Saturday, June 16, 2012

This carpeting has to go

I thought this project was going to be easier than it was.  Our whole house is carpeted.  We bought the house that way.  We knew that there were hard wood floors underneath but with the dog we didn't want to scratch up the floors with her claws so the carpet stayed.  Our dog passed away and of course we got a new dog and still the carpet stayed again for the same reason.  In the beginning it was good but as time went by it was like this carpet has to go.  We removed the diningroom carpet about 10 years ago but left the rest.  Why I don't know.  Time really gets away from you and after 27 years with this probably 1970s carpet it really has to go. It was past being brown and ugly.  So on Friday 6/15 daughter came over and we began what we thought was going to be easy removal of this carpet.  What we were not counting on is how well this carpet was installed back when.   Daughter cut the carpet and I pulled and rolled and that padding underneath my gosh how many staples did you have to use.  Now you are asking where is my husband in all of this...well he had surgery on Wednesday and with his stitches he is under doctors rules to do nothing for the next 2 weeks.  The carpet around the base boards is nailed and stapled.  They were really planning on this carpet lasting a life time.  So far it has.  It is just the color is brown and it is ugly.   We started in the morning and by 3pm we still had not gotten the hallway done.  Oh heaven help me.  My fingers are bandaged and bleeding from cutting them on the staples, I have brusies on my legs and my hands are now swollen.  I really don't have much left to give in this pulling out the carpeting.  My daughter is tired and she is use to this.  She has ripped out more carpeting and by herself yet.  So finally she said I am calling in reinforcements.  She called her best friend since grade school and said get your butt over her and help rip up this carpet.  The highlight of the day was when my daughter and her best friend were sitting on the floor pulling staples and they were talking and reminiscing about grade, jr high and high school and all of the sleepovers etc.  I wasn't going to cook so I called and orders sub sandwiches and it was like this really brings back memories with all of the times she ate over at our house.  While we were all eating and talking about old times,  I said do you want to spend the night.  It was in that one split second that I forgot that my daughter is married and so is her best friend and her friend has a 5 year old son.    We all had a good laugh.  When they went back to work I turned on QVC and daughters friend said thats what was missing.  Ok we are now in a total flashback.  Finally about 8pm the livingroom and hallway was carpet free.  Still carpet in the bedrooms that will have to wait until another day.  Today I continued trying to pull out the rest of those pesky staples and sand down where that padding grew attached to the floor.  Will I ever have carpet in my house again...NO, it is not worth the hassle of removing it.   But what I did get from this was a wonderful day with my daughter and her best friend reminiscing about days gone bye. 

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