Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A day full of funnies

Today was one of those days that funny things happened.  This morning when I went to leave the house, I looked at the bird feeder and there was a big white and gray cat sitting in the feeder.  By the time I got my camera he was gone. 

Tonight while I was out walking with the dog he is a boy dog he went to water a tree that is elevated due to the roots being so high and when he lifted his leg he fell over.  Poor dog. 

We continued down the street on our walk and we were coming to a house that has bushes lining the one side of the driveway so you cannot see it.  All I could hear was crush, crush crush....now what is that.  When we got to the driveway I turned to see the driveway was covered with cans.  Beer cans, soda cans etc.  The car was running over the cans and crushing them.  The car went out the driveway and in the driveway until all of the cans were crushed.  When all of the cans were finally crushed the car backed out of the driveway and drove away.  No he did not pick them up he just droveway.  Why?  who knows. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How many umbrellas or bumbershoots do I need

Today because it was so hot out I decided I better clean the coat closet.   What a job that was.  Besides all of the coats, boots, gloves and scarves I found 11 umbrellas.  I had them laid out on the couch and when I looked at them and counted 11 I wondered why do I need 11 umbrellas or bumbershoots.  There was daughters cute little blue with stars umbrella that she had in grade school and 3 umbrellas from DisneyWorld.  There was also a collection of just plain black ones.  They must of came from vacations that we found we needed umbrellas so we bought some and so the collection grew.  Now there was also the Giant GreenBay Packer umbrella and an even more gigantic red and white stripe golf umbrella still with the tags on it.  That really confuses me as nobody in our house plays golf.  Did I throw them away NO you know why because if I did sure enough I would need a umbrella and then I would have to go out and buy another.  I figure I am set for life with umbrellas or bumbershoots. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nancy to the rescue

My walk with the dog always brings something funny. This morning while we were walking when we had to cross the street there sitting in the middle of the road was this tiny little baby bird. Now baby bird was so tiny it could not fly or even hop. I tried getting him to sit on my sandal so I could carry him across the street on my foot, but no such luck. I tried having Helmsley scoot him along... but all the baby bird did was sit there with those big eyes looking at Helmsley with his mouth open waiting for Helmsley to give him something to eat.  Helmsley just looked at him as if to say,  really kid do I look like a bird.  By now I am getting dive bombed my a female cardinal and a yellow and gray bird. I don't know who was the mother but I think it was the cardinal. We didn't have any luck in getting the baby out of the middle of the road and then I had an idea....I took off my hat and decided to get the baby to climb into my hat and carry it out of the road. I told him, don't you be poopen in my hat. Sure enough it climbed onto the brim and into the hat he went. I think he felt like he was in the nest again. Now mommie bird was sitting in the tree and watching us. I think she figured out what I was trying to do. We walked to the grass by a nice tree and I sat down my hat and out he came. No poop in the hat. All is well. Tonight when we walk I will check to see if I can see where baby bird is and hopefully not in the middle of the road.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Too Wong Foo

The other night I watched one of my favorite movies. It is called..Too Wong Foo Thanks for everything Julie Newmar. In the movie is there is a line....One can never be so rich you can afford to throw away a friend. I think it says it all. So to all, I say thank you for being my friend.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Little dog got me again

WARNING....This story is just alittle gross.  So if you don't like gross pass up this story.  Today daughter came over with little dog.  Now little dog has the unique ability to release her butt gland whenever she wants to.  In way it is a good thing as you never have to take her to the vet to have this done.  After quite a long time of playing with Helmsley she decides it is time to rest.  Rest means sitting in my lap then moving to the top of the chair to take her nap.  Now I am sitting there and I begin to smell that horrible smell.  It was like, oh no not again.  Sure enough I look down and there on my brand new shorts was this stain.  Yes little dog has released her butt gland on me again.  Now this is the third time she has done this to me.  Why me, I don't know but daughter is laughing hysterically.  It seems I am the only one that this happens too.  It really wouldn't be so bad but these were brand new shorts.  I had just taken the tags off of them this morning. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

catlady531 on etsy & bonanza is having a super sale weekend

This weekend catlady531 on etsy and bonanza is having a super sale.  Use coupon code supersale to get 30% off your purchase. 

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

judith ripka and b makowsky at sams club

Today I had to go to sams club.  While I was there I decided to look at the jewerly.  I was shocked to see judith ripka jewerly and b makowsky purses.  Yes they were the same earrings, rings and bracelets that you see on qvc.  The one bracelet they had was being marked down to $49.00 and when I came home I looked at qvc on line and the bracelet is $149.00.  The b makowsky bags were also the same ones on qvc.  The purse that I wanted to buy from qvc was $121.00 and at sams club it is $95.00.  So what is the deal?  Are they factory seconds or qvc returns?  If anybody knows what the deal is with this, please let me know.  I did not buy anything today but I will check back to see what other deals they have.

AAA is done ripping us off

Here is the update on my house insurance.   I have to get new insurance because when my current policy expires I will loose my coverage on everything except the house.  No coverage for my carport, florida room or the high tec state of the art laundry facility etc.  Also they will only cover 1 bathroom.  It only gets more ridiculous.   My premium is going up and they are raising the deductible.   I finally got in touch with my friend Ginny who gave me the name of her man.   I can get better coverage and less money.  Currently paying $1200.00 down to 700.00 and if I get the wind abatement test done my premium will be $500.00.  As I am tying this, it hits me like a ton of bricks...I can no longer get sink hole coverage due to something about a Florida law.  Not quite sure about it.  You can still get it but it has to be from a certain company and they now test the soil and in my case sand and no one passes it anyway so bye bye sink hole coverage.  With my current policy I am grandfathered into the sink hole coverage so I get to keep it.  Here it goes, to cover the sink hole coverage they took away all of my other coverage.   Those sneaky snakes.  Don't ever go with AAA insurance.  You will be sorry.  When I talked to the new insurance man today I said why hasn't my current insurance agency said anything about doing a wind test so I can lower my premiums....his response...we will take care of you.  You are in good hands with Allstate.

Marty McFly is here today

Today is the day Marty McFly came to when he went into the future in the movie Back To The Future.  July 11,  2012.  I think tonight I will have to watch the movie again. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

catlady531 on etsy and bonanza is having a sale

catlady531 on etsy and bonanza is having a sale through the weekend.  Use coupon code save20 to get 20% off your purchase.  On bonanza spend $75.00 and get a 30% discount.  For my etsy shoppers if you spend $75.00 conv me for the code to get the 30% off. 

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Memories of the 4th of July

Happy Birthday  Uncle Sam...big buck lumber.   Do you remember this?   One of my favorite things on the 4th is the airplanes carring banners.    Of course Big Buck lumber is gone but every year when I see one of those banners flying, I think of Happy Birthday Uncle Sam...Big Buck Lumber.  Also the balloon man..he had to be 90 and he carried those 6 foot colorful twisted balloons and he would call out balloons 2 for a quarter.  The man had a old very shaky voice so if you didn't know what he was saying it was just a blur of words.  Here is one of my favorites....early in the morning the truck would come down the street with fireworks and set off a big boom in the middle of the intersection.  They started this at about 5am.  I think it was a way of letting everyone know it was the 4th and time to go to the parade.  Also in the parade was the outhouse and there would be a man inside and it would go boom and he would fall out of the back of it on to the street.  It always made everyone laugh.  Oh the parade and afterwards we would go to the carnival with our tickets that we received with our report card and you could get a free sammy bar (ice cream bar) and a box of cracker jack.  At night we would go to van schroders house (it is the owner of the place my dad use to work).  They lived on the lake and they would put on a fireworks display like no other.  There were ground works with spinning wheels of fire and of course the air show.  We would all sit on blankets and the night sky would light up with beautiful fireworks.  Then of course because we were so close to everything the ashes from the fireworks would come raining down on you so by the end of the night you were covered in ash.  It really was a great time and it is now a wonderful fond memory.   For me it is now time to go watch the parade.  Everyone have a wonderful 4th of July.  Happy Birthday Uncle Sam...Big Buck Lumber.

I found out 2 interesting facts today.

1st we have the largest 4th of July parade in the whole midwest.

2nd  Our beach is listed as number 6 in the list of the best beaches in the whole united states. 

Who Knew

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Boy it is hot outside

It is 100 with the heat index and I have refilled the bird bath again. The birds lineup on the garage while I fill it with clean cold water. Today I did see something funny, I usually have one bird in for a bath at a time but when I looked out the window there was a whole sparrow family in for the family bath. I also put water on the ground in a bowl for the chipmunks and rabbits. While I am f...illing it up the bee's are getting angry at me for not filling fast enough. I have never seen so many thirsty bees. Yes they do sit on the edge and drink the water. I took Helmsley out for his nightly walk even though it was 100. He said he wanted to go. I know I am the human and I should say no, but you do not want to be around Helmsley if he doesn't get his walk or his pigs ear. Life is unbearable. We only did the block and came back. After that he said that is enough.
Update on the new car for daughter.   She says she is too picky so she is taking a risk everyday by driving her old car.  She did take her old car back to the repair shop today because it was really bucking and doing stupid stuff.  They found a wire unplugged.  She was like great now my check engine light that has been on for 3 years is now off.  Oh daughter what are we going to do with you.